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Dec 11, 2012
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 74

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★ Google Play “Top Developer” AI Factory ★
### 9 REVIEWS! See below ###This is the same as our "Move it!™ Free", but with no ads and a massive 672 puzzles spanning 6 difficulty levels!Tired of sliding block puzzles that only allow block movement in one direction? Then this is for you!Move it!™ is a fresh and exciting new block-sliding puzzle and not just another Unblock me clone! Unlike the plethora of similar block sliding clones (almost all based on Yoshigahara's famous Rush Hour puzzle), Move it! provides a much richer variety of shapes that can move freely, not just in restricted planes. The end product is a very natural game of great depth and variety, very well suited to the new generation of touch-screen devices. Move it! comes with 6 levels from Novice to Expert. Depending on level, it can be either a quick casual game or an extremely challenging puzzle. -- Designed for both Tablet and Phone**** 9 Reviews !!!★"If you think you’ve already played the best block puzzle games on your smartphone, wait until you’ve played Move It!"
review by Arnold Zafra★"For the die hard puzzle fanatics who love a challenge, this game will not disappoint."
review by Vincent Messina
Androidrundown ★"It's all about the puzzles and the puzzles are good....
In conclusion, this is a solid puzzle game that is a nice addition to the Android Market"
review by Alstar MeandMyDroid★"Today I will tell you something that will definitely change your life. In a better way, of course. Al Factory Limited is happy to present you a breathtaking puzzle game of the “future”."
review by Kim Zalewski
AndroidTrek★"What is nice about Move it! is that it looks simple and not intimidating, but is actually really challenging. An excellent puzzle game!"
Yasushi Tanase
(4 times world computer Shogi champion)★"I like to think I’m pretty decent at puzzles, but some of these definitely had me sweating"
review by AppSafari ★"If you have a few minutes, or few hours to spare, and are looking for something challenging,
yet fun, this is a great solution to end your boredom!"
review by Jerad DiPane
AndroidCentral★"Sliding, sorting, shuffling and shifting blocks actually proves to be a pleasant diversion from many of the other available gaming apps on the various marketplaces"
review by James Woodcock★"Colorful game environment, a lot of game levels to conquer, and challenging puzzles, of course, characterized by how well this game is... A bright, ambitious and fun spin-off"
review -**Note that when upgrading from the Free version, the stats (only) are retained. To do this the game needs to read from your SD card when it starts for the first time, so please make sure the SD card is available and not connected to your PC**

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Addictive!So simple but so much fun.
Great!Clean, professional app from a great developer. New fun challenges not found in other similar games.

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