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Jun 13, 2011
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3.6
Rating: 10

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Move 2 SD Pro


Move 2 SD Pro Description

Move 2 SD is a free tool that helps you to get more free internal phone storage space. It makes it very easy to move apps from the internal storage to the external SD and vice versa thru the system settings.

- list movable apps
- move one or all apps to SD card
- show app size nad installation date
- list non-movable apps
- move app back to the internal storage
- show available size on device
- view app on Market
- uninstall app
- show app details page
- notify when a movable app is installed

This app is not used to backup apps to SD card. It only helps you to move a portion of apps used space to SD card. You have to manually install the apps after switching to a new phone or hard reset.

If an app uses any of the following features, the Android system won't let you install it on the external storage :
- App Widgets
- Services
- Input Method Engines
- Live Wallpapers
- Live Folders
- Alarm Services
- Account Managers
- Sync Adapters
- Device Administrators

App shortcuts will disappear from the home screen after you move the apps to the SD card. It's the limitation of Android system.

KW : App2SD a2sd sdmove MoveToSD Apps2SD AppToSD

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asus tf201 simply put fails completelyloads and lloks like it will work but it doesn't. you get as far as the app settings screen but no means from their to initiate transfer.

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