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Apr 27, 2012
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 3.7
Rating: 1369

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Mobyler - Free calls


Mobyler - Free calls Description

With Mobyler you can call free from/to android AND iphone Mobyler users! But there's even more:

Not only can you call other users for FREE like Viber; with Mobyler you can also call any non-Mobyler user for only a fraction of the charges you'd normally pay!

Where Viber only offers free calls to other users, Mobyler is the best solution if you want to actually save on your monthly calling charges!

Here are some of our best rates (in ct/min):

Algeria [FIX] 1.50
Argentina [MOB] 2.00
Australia [MOB] 2.50
Austria [MOB] 0.50
Belgium [MOB] 0.50
Brazil [MOB] 1.00
Canada [FIX] 0.50
China [MOB] 0.50
Egypt [MOB] 3.00
France [MOB] 1.00
Germany [MOB] 0.50
India [FIX] 0.50
India [MOB] 0.50
Indonesia [MOB] 0.50
Iraq [MOB] 4.00
Italy [MOB] 4.00
Jordan [MOB] 5.00
Kuwait [MOB] 2.00
Latvia [MOB] 4.00
Netherlands [MOB] 2.00
Pakistan [FIX] 0.50
Pakistan [MOB] 0.50
Poland [MOB] 0.50
Saudi Arabia [FIX] 0.70
Saudi Arabia [MOB] 5.00
South Korea [MOB] 0.50
Spain [MOB] 0.70
Sri Lanka [MOB] 4.50
Sweden [MOB] 0.50
Syrian Arab Republic [MOB] 10.00
Thailand [MOB] 0.50
Turkey [MOB] 0.50
Ukraine [MOB] 5.00
United Arab Emirates [MOB] 10.00
United Kingdom [MOB] 3.00
United States [MOB] 0.50
Venezuela [MOB] 0.50
Viet Nam [MOB] 0.70

- You can use the Mobyler App worldwide to make free calls as long as your friends and family have also installed the Mobyler application, so spread the word!
- Mobyler offers straight peer-to-peer calls, so any calls to your Mobyler friends will be free of charge!
- Mobyler offers the option to save on regular calls to non-Mobyler contacts by using our voip-out service
- No hassle with usernames and emails; your friends' phone number is all you need to use Mobyler!
- No additional buddy lists! Just use your regular contact list to select your Mobyler contacts!
- Great sound quality! Mobyler has access to the best networks and services, which beats out the quality of regular phone providers.
- We do NOT use your contact details or contact list for advertising purposes, nor do we share these details with any other parties!

known issues:

- It's not possible to call viber, line, skype or tango contacts, or chat to whatsapp or pingchat users!

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Google Play Comments

Galaxy Note, this app doesn't work.I was not able to call any one and as soon as you try to call some one it puts your phone on silent mode. :-( not happy.
Cheap but very bad call quality SGS2 4.0.3Call quality very very bad. Messaging option missing. When it makes a call it automatically puts the phone in silent mode. The app itself generally unstable. Been using this for about 8 weeks now, indeed cheap rates but then that's about it.
Finally it's working! A great app indeed :) great call rates! Saves a lot ...Finally it's working! A great app indeed :) great call rates! Saves a lot of money!

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