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Mar 04, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.9
Rating: 330

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Over 1000 customized sources from all countries & languages. Millions of more sources available through a simple search. Follow 3000+celebrities tracked through stories in news sites, magazines, blogs and their facebook/twitter feeds. Real time widget with rich picture gallery, offline viewing, sharing feature via twitter/facebook, and range of customizable UI and features like text size, smart clock work notifications, update frequency, full screen, background sync, customizable storage etc. Reads all types of RSS feeds (Atom, RSS1.0, 2.0, Feedburner and more)-create your own all in one place personal news channel reader-add and create any content you want on any specific topic/category for free-best of fashion, tech, celebrity news, business, science, health/fitness, sports, world news, entertainment, movies, mobiles, games, dresses & styles, festivals, weird news, TV radio stars, shows, fashion designers, models, music audio releases, lyrics, arts, style, cars, travel, hollywood, job, real estate, pictures, bollywood, jobs-anything you can think of :) or choose from our vast pool of predefined feeds.

This powerful application is the fastest way to subscribe to all kinds of hot news, blogs, twitter, top videos, reviews and more in a simple yet image rich interface. Watch, Search, Organize, Categorize news-with or without internet and read at leisure. These are'nt webpage links like other Google reader apps but complete stories with photographs.

Download free this feeds aggregator software which reads family of web feeds in a standardized format-make your private top online magazine. Comprehensive searches give you content from world over Europe, Middle East, US, Asia, UK, Japan, China, Africa, Latino, Korea,India,Australian,Russia, Americas-its the largest global content that's out there. Get latest headlines, summaries and link back to full breaking news articles-via your favorite feed reader which updates throughout the day. Search and get live news on all your interests and trending topics exactly the way you want-track premium fashion sources Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, GQ,; award winning newspapers, websites, magazines-TMZ, Wonderwall, Perez Hilton, CNN, Hola, Yahoo, Gawker, Rolling Stone, E!Online, Vogue, BBC, Fox, Today, CBS, Huffington Post, Contact Music, Black Voices, Associated Press, People;national, financial news sites-not just English speaking world-Deutsch Die Welt, 日本時間 from 日本Japan, Россияw times, ニュース, عربlanguage arab عربي أخبار Jazeera, Estado from Brasil, Россия MoscoFrançaise Nouvelles, España Notícias El Mundo,한국economic news via 아시아경제신문;enjoy sound of music news-Rolling Stone, Billboard, Spin, NME, Alternative Press, Contact Music, Mojo;tech updates from leading websites like Mashable, Read Write Web, Cnet, GigaOm, TechCrunch GoMo, Gizmodo, SlashDot, Information Week, Wired, Scientific American,TechRepublic.

Suited for all ages-RSS reader is a quick and efficient organizer to increase productivity-get online RSS news of good living, photography,lifestyle, yoga, movie ratings, celebrity wine, fresh movie trailers, MP3 music, videos, arts, theater, puzzles,radio, food & wine, recipes, podcast, song album releases, cuisines, broadway, sports, drama, pets (dogs, cats, all animals), parenting, bad movies, actors actresses birthdays, career newsnews, fashion shows, star hollywood bollywood news, concerts, cooking, famous shows, kitchen, home & garden, blogs, you tube music videos, cruises voyage journey flights, biography, marriage, friendships, break ups, babies, fitness health tips, star life, relationship advice, celebs views on life, current affairs and more-all streaming into android. The top RSS reader in its category is one stop task killer that helps locate newest body of internet content without browser-your password to the coolest RSS search engine for free!

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Out of memory errors frustrating.The app keeps giving me out of memory errors. It was entertaining but 30% of the time it is unusable. Deleting. On Galaxy s2.
GreatThis is d greatest RSS reader have ever seen before! So keep on doing d nice thing.
SharingWon't let me share through twitter or Facebook . Help please . Kik me Kyd0n .. With a zero .. Besides that greatest rds feed I ever seen

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