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MoboMarket contains apps and games and has a nice and intuitive user interface just like the way you have in Google Play Store. MoboMarket includes app manager which combines a number of useful features.

Full Control of your App
MoboMarket is a mobile market application which combines a fully functioned app manager that gives you full control over downloads, updates, and installation/removal of Android applications.

App Recommendation
MoboMarket features a well organized application push and recommendation system, to help application downloaders discover new apps and find their next favorite app. The application collection and ranking system will keep users updated, as well as ensures they will always have the most popular app/games to use and play.

WiFi Connection with Moborobo
MoboMarket has perfectly integrated a WiFi connection feature. By working with Moborobo - The Smartphone PC Manager, MoboMarket allows users to wirelessly manage everything on their Android, right from their PC.

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