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Sep 28, 2012
2.1 and up
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Mobo Launcher


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MoboLancher is a powerful new android launcher that is more customizable to your needs; it comes with the new category option, with glamorous themes, a smoother experience and more practical functions, for you to experience a whole new level of Android mobile.MoboLauncher users can download and manage themes with Moborobo from their PC (
MoboLauncher come with a distinctive new layout that offers effective management system for your mobile, such as the new widget dock, icon dock, full screen function, and many more.
-Distinctive layout – Multiple Docks
MoboLauncher comes with three separate docks that come with a flexible and changeable interface to improve your experience with the Android system. There is a widget dock for all the latest widgets on the market, icon dock that groups all your applications for easy accesses, and a shortcut dock for the most frequently use applications. On top of that it also offers the function of a full screen view and hiding unused dock when not in used.
-Categorisation- Application Sorting
MoboLauncher offers a categorization function that allows you to control, manage, and find the application required quickly. The applications on the mobile are grouped into one of the categories that are defined by the users for quicker access.
-Personalize Shortcuts
MoboLauncher offers a powerful new application for more effective control of application with just a tap of the screen. There is a shortcut dock in the application that allows the users to shortcut their favorite application, empowering users with faster access of application with just a tap of the screen.
-Customize Display
MoboLauncher enables you to personalize the look of your mobile, with the more elegant wallpapers, classy skins for your widgets and customization of your icons. MoboLauncher comes with a large range of downloadable themes as well as the option to modify the icons after applying a certain theme, giving you the freedom to personalize the look of your mobile to your sole desire.

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diano on September 20,2012 Useful (2)      Useless (0)
kevinchen on September 19,2012 Useful (1)      Useless (0)

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