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Aug 01, 2012
2.3 - 4.0.3
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 36

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MobileDay Conference Call


MobileDay Conference Call Description

One-Touch into ANY conference call on ANY conferencing service with MobileDay.

If you ever take conference calls on your Android smartphone, MobileDay is the app for you. The days of having to remember, write-down, and dial audio conferencing details are now gone.

Eliminate the frustration and save time when joining any conference call from your Android smartphone with this simple, mobile business app. MobileDay integrates with your Android’s Calendar, Dialer, Email, text messaging, Google Maps, and Contacts to provide you with seamless, One-Touch access into any voice conference call.

MobileDay ENABLES you to:
- One-Touch into any voice conference bridge in the US and Canada as the Host or Guest
- Use your existing conference call service provider
- View your conference calls at a glance
- Notify meeting attendees via email or text with just a few taps
- Use preset messages such as “I’m running late” and “Are we still meeting?”
- One-Touch into Google Maps with the meeting location preloaded
- Create meeting invites with the conference information pre-populated

- There is nothing you have to do to join a call as a Guest. No need to predefine dialing sequences to join calls as a Guest. MobileDay takes care of that for you!
- Eliminates the need to re-enter meeting invites from your calendar into another conferencing app. MobileDay automatically recognizes the meetings and call info in your Android’s calendar.
- Stop re-entering your Host conference details every time you setup a meeting or join a call. With MobileDay, enter your conference details just once and we’ll connect you to all of your upcoming calls as the Host.

You can painlessly connect to all of your conference call meetings with a single tap from your Android smartphone. You don’t even have to open the app first since we’ll alert you just before the call.

MobileDay’s One-Touch into Any voice conference call works with Any conferencing service in North America.

Here are just some of the audio conferencing service providers (CSP) that MobileDay interoperates with:
• A+ Conferencing
• Arkadin
• AT Conference
• AT&T Connect
• Bell Conferencing
• BT Conferencing
• Budget Conferencing
• CenturyLink Conferencing
• Cisco / WebEx
• FreeConference
• FuzeMeeting
• Gaboogie
• Genesys Conferencing
• Glance
• Google Voice
• GoToMeeting
• GoToWebinar
• InterCall
• Level3 / Global Crossing
• MeetingOne
• MegaMeeting
• PGi / Premiere Conferencing
• ReadyTalk
• Telus Conferencing
• Uberconference
• Verizon Conferencing
• WindStream Conferencing

Should the conference call service of your choice not be supported, just let us know from the Tell Us button in your MobileDay app.

As always, have a great mobile day!

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Google Play Comments

Simply AwesomeAll I can say is WOW! Thank you mobile day for this app. It's a life saver!
Doesn't dial after the bridge accessAT&T Motorola Atrix 2: This finds the toll free access number and guest passcode in a calendar entry, puts up a note that it is dialing the access number ,,, passcode. It dials into the bridge, but never puts in the passcode. This is the same result that I get if I manually make a dialer entry with , in it for pause. And, unfortuantely, it selects the toll and not toll-free on a Canadian conference. That's not good for me. -- clarence
Sends Pin Too QuicklyCan't add pause, sends numbers too quickly. Could have been great.

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