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May 01, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 14200

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Poop Rearing Simulator Mobile


Poop Rearing Simulator Mobile Description

"Poop Rearing Simulator" is a simulation game that offers you a real-time poop rearing experience. This game was originally released as the world's first poop rearing software in 1998 and has been continuously made improvements. Now the game gained world recognition and became a top-ranked poop rearing software amongst many rival games.

The latest version 5.x finally adds support for mobile devices and allows you to take care of your poop anytime and anywhere, as well as having an intuitive touch interface makes it possible to better interact with the poop directly.

Take care of your poop on your smartphone or tablet right now!


- The birth of Poop

The first time you launch the software, it will prompt you to enter the name of your poop. Name your poop and tap "OK", then your poop will appear on the screen (the screen may appear darker and the images could be difficult to see during the night). Your poop is now born.

- Poop is alive

The poop is alive. It has 365 days a year just like us. Even though you exit the software, your poop grows up. (Don't worry, it won't consume any battery when off). Raise your poop with constant love and attention: it will grow up and improve physical abilities.

- Feed Poop

The most basic method of rearing a poop is to feed a meal. Select a meal from the Feeding menu at the bottom of the screen and bring it to the center of your poop. As you successfully feed your poop, it will be satisfied. The poop is influenced by what it eats, so make sure you feed it balanced meals. If your poop shapes a curlicue poo after several meals, it means your poop is full. Feed it 3 to 5 times a day.

- Communicate with Poop

You can communicate with your poop by touching it. Don't leave it alone for a long time, otherwise it feels lonely.
You can shape your poop by touching it, turning or pulling it up and down. The poop feels happy when you touch it. However, touching it too much could prevent its growth.
Tap the poop to poke it. Poking makes it happy but don't do it too much. It will get angry.

- Keep Poop Indoor

The poop stays outside at first but you can also keep it indoor. Select indoor from the Environment menu to move it indoor. It is healthier to keep the poop outside, however it is safer to keep it indoor as you can avoid weather changes.

- Observe Poop

Raise your poop properly otherwise it may feel lonely or get sick without even noticing. Select Observe from the Observe menu to check the condition of your poop from time to time.
Tap photo on the Observe menu to take a picture. It is also fun to record stages of your poop's growth. The pictures will be stored in the Unko folder of the external memory, and you can view them later by using an image viewing application such as Android Gallery.

- Train Poop

When you get used to raise the poop, teach your poop tricks.
In order to train your poop, first input a specific gesture that you want to teach around the poop. Even a newborn poop can learn tricks like a lateral move or spin.

Lateral move: Flick right or left
Spin: Rub right and left

* The poop can learn the following moves as it grows up. Keep an eye on it as it achieves a new gesture.

Jump: Double tap
Zoom out: Long tap
Zoom in: Rub the screen widely
Wiggle: Rub up and down
Handstand: Flick down
Stretch: Flick up

Specify a trick and tap around the poop. This is the sign to start the trick. The more you practice, the better your poop can be. If you a have trouble to teach it tricks, it could be a good idea to ask other owners. Your poop can do more than you can imagine. Input multiple gestures and tap or insert one trick after another. Your poop will show you combination tricks or splendid continuous tricks. You will build up ties with your poop before your poop can do acrobatic tricks.

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Google Play Comments

Not badNot a bad way to waste a little time. The instructions are a bit lacking. Anyone want to share some tricks I can teach my poop? Ill start. Long press just below your poop then quickly tap to zoom out. Quick tap left right bottom top of your poop to make it jump.
Loving it!!WOW! I never thought id download a game like this but its actually quite good, great time waster download u wont regret it!!
TipLuv the game but u should update it and be able to hang with other poops, plus u should pick the gender so if a (example) boy comes by they could fall in love, and it would randomized so either they would fall in love, just be friends or hate each other, plus the friends and hates part for same gender

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