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Sep 05, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 1229

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Missed Message Flasher


Missed Message Flasher Description

Flash the screen, play a sound, or vibrate at set intervals when a new message is received or when a call is missed. Useful on phones without an LED indicator.

Monitors: Calendar, Email (stock app), GO SMS Pro, Gmail, Google+ Messenger, Google Talk, Google Voice, K9 mail, missed calls, notification tone, SMS/text, Skype (IM), WhatsApp, etc.

How To Use:
* Lock the phone (turn off the screen) to activate the app.
* When an SMS, Gmail, missed call, etc. is received, the app will repeatedly flash the screen, vibrate or play a sound depending on your settings.
* To stop the notification, simply unlock the phone (use the phone/turn on the screen).

* If you're using a device that slowly ramps up to full screen-on, you may need to increase the default screen-on duration.
* If you're using a 3rd party lockscreen or disabled it, try unchecking "Normal Lock Checking." Please see for more information.
* Please avoid installing on SD/external memory as the late un/mounting may cause problems.
* For setup help, please click Help or go to
* UPGRADE or UNINSTALL problems? Please disable "Advanced/Force Screen Lock" and/or "Advanced/Lock After Missed Call".
* Other problems? Please email -- I can't reply in comments.

Please consider Donate version if you like this app. It adds sleep schedule, on/off widget and removes the Ads. Thank you for your support! ^_^

[mmf, blink, reminder, repeat, repeating]

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Google Play Comments

Brilliant AppThis is a brilliant app, I've had it since I've had my phone and wouldn't be without I'm partially deaf its ideal for me if I've missed a call or text message come thru it just keeps flashing and vibrating till i notice it.. will never get rid and highly recommend it :) ... well done for this App
Samsung Galaxy Ace - IT WORKSIT WORKS. Nearly took phone back because I don't spend my day with it glued to me. Might have to play about with settings but IT WORKS. Tested for calls, messages and emails. I've seen that some people have had problems, maybe I will find some later, I hope not :o)
Tina samsumg galaxy s 2I finally found something that works with my phone this app is wonderful it does everything that it said it does wish i had found it sooner

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