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Nov 05, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.8
Rating: 3269

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Ministry Assistant Description

The easiest app for Jehovah's Witnesses to be organized in their field service!

A help for Jehovah's Witnesses in their field service to quickly take notes and stay organized. It's very easy to keep track of your territories, all your return visits, your service time for the month and plan your day or week of door to door ministry.

Never forget a return visit again or be frustrated trying to find you paper notes!

NOTE: Please send suggestions by e-mail instead of leaving them in a comment, since I can't reply if I don't understand what you mean, and the suggestion will never be implemented!

* Easily create and generate territories with streets, buildings or rural addresses
* Tag addresses with GPS positions and see them on a map
* Make fast notes of a visit with just a few clicks
* Automatically update visit dates
* Keep track of return visits, bible studies and magazine routes
* Keep track of return visits by date, neighborhood or bookmarks
* Send addresses and return visits as SMS if several publishers work a territory or as data to import directly into Ministry Assistant.
* Add time for return visit to Google calendar
* See statistics over a territory, what time and days you've been working there
* Keep track of your service time for each month and year, and send the report by SMS or e-mail
* Different profiles like pioneer or auxiliary pioneer
* Widget for month report
* Backup/restore easily to never lose your notes if something unexpected happens

Translated to:
- Croatic
- Czech
- Chinese
- Danish
- Dutch
- English
- Estonian
- Finnish
- French
- German
- Italian
- Japanese
- Korean
- Norwegian
- Polish
- Portuguese
- Slovak
- Slovene
- Spanish
- Swedish

Thanks to those who translate!

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Google Play Comments

2 Feature RequestsI like the app very much but, there are two features I would like to request: 1) the ability to have the app sync with Google Calendar. This would allow us to receive reminders and look at a months/week view of upcoming calls to make. 2) A Desktop/Web-based App as an alternate way of entering in calls and other information. I do like the app and appreciate your hard work on it.
Just one thing.This is a wonderful app that has made my ministry much easier. I've recommended it to other brothers and sisters in my congregation who have all thanked me because of how much they love it. But one sister asked me how to subtract time after she had accidentally added too much. I realized that there was no way to do that so I was hoping you could fix this problem. Thank you!
Excellent!This app is great and I love it. It could have some more features like automatic sync and maybe motivational messages throughout the month but as it is now the app is excellent.

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