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Mar 20, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 3.4
Rating: 26

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Miners Mobile


Miners Mobile Description

Dig tunnels that lead the miners to the gold and then back to the surface.

(An entirely new version is cooking and will be released in a matter of weeks updating the current one. Featuring a new engine, new effects, extended gameplay, physics, huge ton of improvements and it will be also available for PC, Mac and Linux.)

(Updated 20/03/2012)
(Please ignore the older reviews, as each new version brings significantly improvements.)

The Miners! mining corporation is called on duty and you're the manager of this operation. With your touchscreen cell phone or tablet, open the way for the miners by drawing tunnels to the gold ore. Use the shovel to dig, the bucket to fill with dirt or the dynamite to explode the rock for your miners to pass. But beware! The man power is scarce and the time is precious.

• For all ages
• Addicting fun drawing-puzzle
• New graphic universe
• Up to 22 randomic levels (always a new scenery)

Recommend Specs:
1Ghz processor
512 RAM
OpenGL ES 2 compatible graphics chip.

Install Miners! on your cell phone or tablet and start mining right now!

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. Progress is saved automatically every 3 levels, hit menu and load the level you wish when restarting.

The miners are simple creatures:
. Miners will walk straight forward until they hit a wall or get bored.
. When a miner hits gold, he will pick up a chunk of the gold, but only if he isn't already carrying some gold.
. If a miner carrying gold enters either starting platform, he will drop the gold there.
. When a miner faces a steep cliff in front of him, there's a 66% chance he will try to jump over it.
. After a miner has hit a wall and changed direction, there's a 66% he will jump back in the direction he came from.
. A miner that falls more than 100 pixels or hit slime will die.
. Quicksand will get miners stuck for couple of seconds until they can free themselves up and they will loose their gold.

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Google Play Comments

I said I'd 5 star...And now I am giving this 5 stars because not only is it brilliant and addictive you've fixed my bug. X x
Fun game... But...Wish it was possible to save what level you're on. Hate coming back to it and having to start from level 1 every time. First non-free app I've bought for my phone but this may be enough of an issue me to uninstall it. A hints page would be handy.
Awesome but needs fixing...It needs to be able to pause and save progress. I hate spending 30 minutes on a level, stop playing or take a break to do something else, just to come back having to start all over again. It's honestly discouraging enough to make me not want to play. If I turn the screen off, then turn it back on, the app crashes and sends me back to the home screen. And no more timer please. A free roam to see how far down you can go, and achievements awards would be cool. It has a lot of potential to be even better.

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