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May 01, 2012
2.1 and up
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Microsoft Office 2007 1.0


Microsoft Office 2007 1.0 Description

Training video for Office 2007.This video course is designed to help you learn the office suite Microsoft Office 2007. In the videos illustrating the main features of the programs that are included in Office 2007: Word, Exel, Outlook and Powerpoint. Using simple examples you will see how to perform certain actions in these programs, as well as learn about their advanced features and settings. After reviewing this training video, you will no longer be difficult when working with Microsoft Office 2007! Contents: Working with Microsoft Word 2007 1. Tape Commands 2. Old settings dialog 3. The button "Office" 4. The title bar 5. The status bar at 6. Tooltips 7. Configuration Word 8. Help and advice 9. Customize the look of the program 10. Setting page 11. Entering Text 12. Write uppercase letters 13. Inserting special characters 14. Search text 15. Replace Text 16. Spell check and error correction 17. Page numbering 18. Moving and copying text 19. $ 20. Additional features selection 21. Choice and change the font size 22. Change, pattern, color and type font. Underline Text 23. Character spacing 24. Text Alignment 25. Changing the line spacing 26. Cleanup formatting Working with Microsoft Excel 2007 27. The program interface 28. Setting the sheet 29. Working with sheets of 30. Data entry. Working with rows, columns and cells 31. Entering the data series 32. Sorting Data 33. Filters 34. An example of working with formulas 35. Formatting text 36. Use styles and themes 37. Conditional Formatting Working with Microsoft Power Point 2007 38. Interface Overview 39. Setting up a presentation 40. Working with the support elements 41. Working with Text 42. Working with graphics 43. Custom Animation Working with Microsoft Outlook 2007 44. Interface Overview 45. Customize the look of the program 46. To-do list 47. Calendar 48. Color categories 49. View attachments in a folder "Inbox" This video course in Russian.
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