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Sep 26, 2012
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 10481

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Metal Gun - Blood War


Metal Gun - Blood War Description

The end of the century in 2100, in the long history of the 21st century we have experienced numerous interstellar wars, the face of powerful enemies that we have experienced countless times arduous battle, eventually we take the victory to defend their homes. However, due to the Earth's abundant natural resources are always cited militants peep once aliens formed a coalition in a marching to the Earth ready to divide up the Earth's resources. Earth today facing the most difficult moment of deep behind enemy lines to destroy the enemy's protection measures for this to be awakened to re-join the fight needs a hero.

Big Stage II:
Through your efforts, this could have been a losing evil war finally achieved local victory, it also allows the still alive people to see a glimmer of hope. But the evil continues and humans is still not out of the extinction threat, so the battle also to continue, your mission is not over yet , for the survival of humanity, Benjamin • Barton, fighting!

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Awesome gameplayThis game is really fun and fare its a little difficult that I like because it will be boring without difficulty and it will be the worst game ever in history I dont think that other people will like it alot but I do because im 8 years old so probaly when I grow up i still like a little bit but I still like it alot in this age
It's not intrestingAt first time I think it will be good time killer, but it's not. Grafics can be better, but real problem is the gameplay. There is no development. May be if they add difrent weapons and other equipment, shopmenu, some purpose..not only to get the next stage.
Needs workNeeds more weapons to use, the jumping ability is just terrible really needs work, different enemies and levels would be nice

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