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Nov 03, 2013
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 735

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Mercury Messenger (Donate)


Mercury Messenger (Donate) Description

MSN Messenger / Windows Live Messenger (WLM)

MSN / WLM Features:
★ Chat with your Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo and Facebook contacts
★ File transfer: Send/receive any type of file to and from your MSN contacts
★ Voice clips: Send/receive short voice messages to and from your MSN contacts
★ Personal emoticons: Send/receive personal emoticons to and from your MSN contacts
★ Multiple points of presence: be online at MSN on your computer and MSN on your phone
★ Group conversation: chat with multiple MSN contacts in one conversation
★ Show current song (MSN Now playing)
★ Multiple MSN / WLM accounts
★ Encrypted conversation support (OTR)
★ Offline messaging
★ Invisible signin

Event Notifications:
★ Events: Message received, Contact signed in
★ Actions: status bar, vibrate, ringtone, led, turn on the screen
★ Supports different notifications for specific groups and contacts

Other Features:
★ No Ads (Donate only)
★ Fling (or swipe) between contact lists and conversations
★ Improved Launcher (Widget): Application icon with the number of unread messages on your home screen
★ Custom application background
★ Conversation logging to sdcard
★ Multiple languages (30 so far), mail me if you want to help translate
★ Start on phone boot
★ Very stable and regular updates

Feedback is welcome!
★ If you have a question, problem or suggestion press Menu, choose Help inside the app

Android Market Comments
★ If you have a problem and comment in the android market, please also mail me (through Menu + Help in the app), I most likely need a bit more information before I am able to solve your problem..

NOTE: MSN and Windows Live are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. This application is not affiliated in any way with Microsoft Corporation.

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Google Play Comments

Needs some work.Ad free, and the closest you can get to the PC version. File transfers do not work properly, I have e-mailed the developer about the problem still no reply yet. Ability to change themes and backgrounds works well.
Great appThis is probably one of the best apps out there. Donating for it, is totally worth it. Developer updates nearly every week. And never had any issues with it. Keep up the great work.
Very goodWhen using text is not appearing on type bar

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