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Jun 21, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 2485

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Memo Pad Description

simple,easy and light weight note pad application.

Memo Pad is a simple and easy use note book application.
The main target is Xperia X10, but it might be also suitable for other devices.

*Frequently asked questions

Ques. I want to switch to a new phone (or reset my phone). How can I backup my notes in the Memo Pad.

Ans. Please see the extra app 'MemoPad Tools', which you can make a full backup to and from the SDCard (or any other external storage embedded in your phone device).

Tested Device
- Xperia X10
- Motorola Photon
- Sharp IS03

Ver.18.5 Release Notes.
- Fixed translate bugs.
- New Font size 'Huge' added.
- Adjust layout for wide screen.
- Enabled to move app to media area, such as SDCard.
(Notice! Widgets will be disabled when you move the app to SDCard.)

- Bug fixes.
- Icons has been changed.

- Fixed translate bugs.
- Added new font size.
- Fixed layout bugs.
- Enabled to move app to external device.

*notice: widgets will be disabled if you move the app to an external device, such like SDCards.

Ver.18.4.1 Release Notes.
- Fixed layout bugs for specific devices.

Ver.18.4 Release Notes.
- Adjust and rewrite layouts for compatibility.
- Fixed several bugs.

Ver.18.3.2 Release Notes.
- Fixed crash bug in searching memo.
- Adjust display layouts.

Ver.18.3.1 Release Notes.
- Fixed Widget crash bugs.
- Adjust display in widget.

Ver.18.3 Release Notes.
- Enhanced widget (Now themes are applied to widgets!)
- Fixed some display bugs on widgets
- Added new widget size 'thin' (4x1)

Ver.18.2 Release Notes.
- Language Portuguese(PT) added.
- Fixed translate bugs.
- Fixed several display bugs.

Ver.18.1 Release Notes.
- Fixed crash bugs (which occurs in specific settings)

Ver.18.1.0 Release Notes.
- Added Cursor interface (for users who have difficulty moving their cursor on touch screens by using there fingers)

Ver.18.0.1 Release Notes.
- Fixed widget bugs. (solved loosing widget data after restarting the phone or altering phone settings)

Important!: for users who has created widgets in earlier versions (less than V18.0.1) Memo Pad has changed it's widget control engine which has no compatibility to the former one in Version 18.0.1. To keep you widget up to date, please recreate all of your widget in the current version(V18.0.1).

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Google Play Comments

Great AppA great app that does exactly what it's supposed to do :)
Very usefulSimple, great themes, easy to read fonts, very useful. I'm using it now to write the vocabulary I'm currently studying and review it on the go.
PerfectVery elegantly designed, and perfect for when you just need to take a quick note. It seems like every other notepad developer tries too hard to make their app useful, but this developer nailed it; fast, easy (even when you're in a huge hurry and can't concentrate), and you can get to writing the note in two taps. It also has just the right amount of features to keep it from being over-simplified. I've also never had any technical issues. Great work!

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