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May 30, 2013
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.7
Rating: 54

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Measure Master Pro Calculator


Measure Master Pro Calculator Description

The Measure Master Pro calculator for your Android Smartphone is built with the same features and functions, and the same core engine that powers the industry-standard advanced construction-math calculators from Calculated Industries. No learning curve -- just one powerful, easy-to-use calculator app, giving you the power to calculate & solve U.S. and metric unit conversions.- Work in and convert between dimensions: feet-inch-fractions, inch fraction, yards, decimal feet (10ths, 100ths), decimal inches and metric (m, cm, mm)
- Calculate weight and weight per volume
- Calculate instant solutions for circle area, circumference, arcs
- Calculate Length, Width, and Height keys solve for linear, area, volume and perimeter dimensions
- Use this calculator to reduce expensive errors when estimating dimensions, costs and materialsDimensional Math and Conversions
• Feet-Inch-Fraction, Inch Fraction, Yards
• Decimal Feet (10ths, 100ths), Decimal Inches
• Preset Fractions (1/2" through 1/64")
• Full Metric Conversions (m, cm, mm)
• D.M.S. to Decimal Degree Conversions.Dedicated Functions Help You Measure and Calculate:
• Linear
o Feet-Inch-Fractions
o Yards, Miles
o Decimal Feet/Inch
o Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters
• Area
o Feet, Inch, Yards, Acres, Miles
o Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters
o Square and Cubic
• Volume
o Feet, Inch, Yards, Miles
o Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters,
• Weight
o Pounds, Tons
o Metric Tons, Kilograms
• Weight per Volume
o Tons per Cubic Yard
o Pounds per Cubic Yard
o Pounds per Cubic Feet
o Metric Tons per Cubic Meter
o Kilograms per Cubic Meter Special Calculator Functions
• Entry Editing Backspace Key – with a swipe of a finger
• Cost per Unit: Solve unit cost and pricing
• Paperless Tape
• Board Feet
• Memory function
• User-Definable Preferences — set custom options: Fractions, Area, Volume, Metric, Degrees.For Designers, Craftsmen, Tradespersons, Fabricators, Woodworkers and Technicians

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On HTC EVO 4 GThis app is ok but there is not a lanscape mode just because of that I rate with one star
One of the most useful apps for android I own.I own three of the actual calculators and this app works exactly like a real one. Now I have it with me wherever I go, so useful, best purchase on the market.
Ben Atlas
Money well spentKeeps my feet and inches handy. Thank you for the app. Money well spent.

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