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Mar 18, 2011
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.3
Rating: 849

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Mayabi Bangla Keyboard


Mayabi Bangla Keyboard Description

**Please use "Mayabi keyboard Premium" if you want to donate or your phone does not have Bengali support. ATT: In Premium, at least you can see Bangla in keyboard area, but not in compose/edit area.**

**Please read install instructions carefully for proper installation.

**In ICS, google gives support of Bangla font in OS and proper Bangla rendering support only for browser. So Bangla rendering might be broken any place other than browser. You might see this issue in your Bangla supported mobile if you upgrade from GB to ICS.

** Please do not rate bad if your phone does not support Bangla. Rendering/supporting Bangla is not keyboards responsibility.

Mayabi soft keyboard is an on screen keyboard with Bangla/Bengali/বাংলা phonetic and English language support for Android platform.
You can use this keyboard to write phonetic Bangla/Bengali/বাংলা in any Bangla supported Android phone (e.g XPERIA etc).
This keyboard will not work on your phone if your phone does not support Bangla font viewing/rendering. If you can read the following Bangla word in bracket [বাংলা], then this keyboard will work for you. Do not download and rate poor in case your phone does not support Bangla(বাংলা).

To activate: In Settings->Languages->tick Mayabi keyboard
To set as default: Long press a text field, and select “Input method” and then "Mayabi keyboard"

Main features:
* Bangla phonetic keyboard
* Many smilies
* Many symbols
* English keyboard
* Hard keyboard support

Please post in Facebook page for any suggestion, comments, opinion etc and let me know which phones are supported and which are not. You will get response faster form community for any issues from facebook page. I do not have chance to test in all mobile phone model. Your each mail/comments in Facebook will encourage me a lot to release next version.

You can help me by clicking the ad bellow the keyboard at least once every time you open the keyboard to keep continue the development.:D

Please comment, rate and share in facebook ( ), let other peoples to know.

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fantasticIts so much of a pleasant surprise that i can write bangla in my mobile-----thanks to the developers. For me, its an A class app. Works smoothly, and follows the avro phonetic keyboard writing style. Great!
GoodThis software is really good. If this app has tutorial for bangla typing, then it will be great for us. Plz give a full bangla typing tutorial. Plz do it in next update.
Excellent on my htc sensation !Works great.. but always it suggest the dictionary word. is there any way to write bangla manually.

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