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Nov 07, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 3.3
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Max Unit Converter


Max Unit Converter Description

The most comprehensive unit converter and yet so simpel to use...

Max Unit Converter is one of the most comprehensive converters on the market and yet it is so simple to use.
Max Unit Converter comes with a full calculator. You can paste the result from the converter to the calculator and from the calculator to the converter.
Use the Device´s Menu Button to switch between converter and calculator.

This app show a notification ad, every 24-48 hours

Max Unit Converter can convert the following:
Angle: (deg) Degrees, Full Circle, Grad, (rad) Rad
Area: Acre, (a) Are, (ha) Hectare, Homestead, Rood, (cm2) Sq Centimeter, (ft2) Sq Foot, (in2) Sq Inch, (km2) Sq Kilometer, (m2) Sq Meter, Sq Mile, (mm2) Sq Millimeter, Sq Rod, (yd2) Sq Yard, Township

Computer: Byte, (KB) Kilobyte, (MB) Megabyte, (GB) Gigabyte, (TB) Terrabyte, (PB) Petabyte, (EB) Exabyte, bit, kilobit, megabit, gigabit, terrabit, petabit, exabit

Energy: BTU, (cal) Calorie, (eV) Electrovolt, Erg, Foot-Pound, (GJ) Gigajoule, (J) Joule, (kcal) Kilocalorie, (kJ) Kilojoule, (kW-h) Kilowatt Hour, (MJ) Megajoule, (Cal) Nutrition Calorie, (tn) Ton of TNT, (W-h) Watt Hour

Length: (cm) Centimeter, Chain, (dm) Decimeter, Fathom, (ft) Foot, Furlong, (in) Inch, (km) Kilometer, League, (m) Meter, (mi) Mile, (mm) Millimeter, Nautical Mile, Rod, (yd) Yard

Metric: Atto, Base, Centi, Deci, Deka, Exa, Femto, Giga, Hecto, Kilo, Mega, Micro, Milli, Nano, Peta, Pico, Tera, Yocto, Yotta, Zepto, Zetta

Power: BTU/Hour, BTU/Second, Calories/Second, Erg/Second, (ft.lbf/s) Foot Pound/Second, (GW) Gigawatt, (hp) Horsepower, Kilocalorie (Calorie)/Second, (kW) Kilowatt, (MW) Megawatt, (mW) Milliwatt, (W) Watt (joules/second)

Pressure: (atm) Atmosphere, (b) Bar, (hPa) Hectopascal, (kgf/cm2) Kilogram / sq Cm, (kgf/m2) Kilogram / sq Meter, (kPa) Kilopascal, Millibar, (mmHg) Millimeter of Mercury, (Pa) Pascal, (psf) Pounds / sq Foot, (psi) Pounds / sq Inch, (Torr) Torr

Speed: (cm/sec) Centimeter/Sec, (ft/sec) Foot/Sec, (km/h) Kilometer/Hour, (km/sec) Kilometer/Sec, (kn) Knot, (M) Mach (at std. atm.), (m/min) Meter/Min, (m/sec) Meter/Sec, (mph) Mile/Hour, Yard/Sec

Temperature: Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine, Newton, Reaumur, Roemer

Time: Millennium, Century, Decade, Julian Year, Gregorian Year, Tropical Year, Year, Month, Fortnight, Week, Day, Hour, Minute, Second, Millisecond, Microsecond, Nanosecond

Volume: (bbl) Barrel (Petrolium), (bu) Bushel (UK), (bu) Bushel (US Dry), (cl) Centiliter, (cm3) Cubic Centimeter, (dm3) Cubic Decimeter, (ft3) Cubic Foot, (in3) Cubic Inch, (m3) Cubic Meter, (mm3) Cubic Millimeter, (yd3) Cubic Yard, (dal) Dekaliter, (fl dr) Fluid Dram, (fl oz) Fluid Ounce, (fl oz) Fluid Ounce (UK), (gal) Gallon, (gal) Gallon (UK), (gi) Gill, (hl) Hectoliter, (l) Liter, (ul) Microliter, (ml) Milliliter, (min) Minin, (pk) Peck (US Dry), (pt) Pint (Liquid), (pt) Pint (UK), (pt) Pint (US Dry), (qt) Quart (Liquid), (qt) Quart (UK), (qt) Quart (US Dry)

Weight: Carat, Cental, Centigram, Dekagram, (dr) Dram, (gr) Grain, (g) Gram, Hundredweight (UK), (kg) Kilogram, (ug) Microgram, (mg) Milligram, Newton, (oz) Ounce, (dwt) Pennyweight, (lb) Pound, Quarter, Stone, Ton (UK), Ton (US), (t) Tonne, Troy Ounce

The free version does and is without ads.

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Google Play Comments

permissions? access?Why does a unit converter need so much access? I woke up this morning to find 6 chat invites!!! Great app, like the layout but to allow it to access so much of your info??? Really? Uninstalling!!!!!
Good riddanceI could live with the fact that this app occasionally would drain my battery... but when it started opening up sponsored links in my web browser it HAD TO GO.
Intrusive and frequent spam in my notification trayWould score 5 if it didn't spam my notification tray every day (even when the app hadn't been opened in weeks)

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