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Aug 17, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 3.5
Rating: 231

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Marine Navigator Lite


Marine Navigator Lite Description

Marine Navigator Lite is the offline navigator for raster navigational charts.

Marine Navigator Lite is an offline navigator using raster navigational charts (RNC's) to plot your position in real time. This way you can navigate with true copies of official paper charts on your mobile device. This lite version of the Marine Navigator provides the following basic navigation functions:
* real time positioning (instantly shows vessel's position and course on the chart)
* display of navigational data (position, speed over ground, course over ground)
* distance and bearing calculation
Marine Navigator Lite doesn't come with pre-installed nautical charts. Instead it is able to import BSB/KAP raster navigational charts (see menu->help for instructions). RNC's are available for free at various internet sites:
* (Suite of NOAA nautical charts that covers the coastal waters of the U.S. and its territories)
* (Openseamap charts are based on Openstreetmap data enriched with additional nautical information. The charts cover selected european coastal waters).

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Google Play Comments

Digital charts! MUST HAVE!All in all this is a must have app for any part time, hobby or full time boater! It takes a little reading in the help section of the app to put all the pieces together , but once you import the charts you need, your good to go! I highly recommend downloading a file explorer that let's you move files around on your phone before using this app. It makes placing the charts much much easier and also allows you to do everything right on your mobile device.
Awesome app!I downloaded this free version a few weeks ago and installed it on my Galaxy S2 phone. i used this ALL weekend out on the boat and it was fantastic! Tracking to your way points, the boat and shows all the depths pretty accurately! It helped us get to the ridgelines where the fish were practically jumping into the boat! This is an awesome app and I will be looking to see what the full version offers. If it combined maps (I had to jump back and forth several times I would give this 5 stars hands down.
Love it!Charts loaded easily. Switches charts easy. I use it underwAy all the time because i can't afford the big bucks for a color chart plotter . i would even pay for an upgrade that allowed route planning and waypoint setting. Thank you.

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