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Nov 06, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.1
Rating: 744

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Mantano Ebook Reader Lite


Mantano Ebook Reader Lite Description

Read, annotate to any EPUB or PDF ebook with the most powerful Android ebook reader compatible with the Adobe DRM.
This ebook reader provides unprecedented flexibility, speed and reading comfort. It is a robust and well supported ebook reader for eager readers, students and professionals: download thousands of ebooks from famous OPDS catalogs such as the Internet Archive or add your own OPDS catalogs, highlight and annotate excerpts, share quotes and annotations with friends, annotate contracts, lookup words in dictionaries...

Subscribe to Mantano Cloud (, requires a separate paid subscription) and:
- Switch between your phone and tablet and always find your books, annotations, notes, reading positions along with you
- Transform your books and documents into digital reading circles by sharing annotations and learn from others' experience.

Optimized for ICS, tablets and smartphones!

Free version supported by ads.

Main features:

Ebook Reader

- Advanced support of PDF including : Pan and Zoom, one column display with a double-click, word selection with a long press
- Support of Adobe DRM, including the management of ID and password protected files
- Read your PDFs at night with the Night mode for PDFs.
- Create textual notes attached to a page or to an highlight
- Browse the table of contents thanks to a familiar expandable tree structure
- Quickly access to your annotations, highlights and bookmarks.
- Search words in a dictionary to be chosen among a list (online dictionary)
Paid version only:
- Customize the display of ePub documents thanks to Themes: change the default font, line height, colors, etc. Create your custom themes and reuse them
- Quickly highlight many interesting excerpts on different pages thanks to the "Highlight" mode.


- Organize your books in collections
- Display your library according to different view modes: compact list, detailed list and thumbnail view
- Look at detailed book information (on a long press)
- Tag your books and manage your tags (when typing a tag name, auto-completion avoids redundant tags)
- Filter by collection, author, tags, publisher and formats
- Sort by title, author, date on which it was added, last access date
- Search a book by typing a part of its title, tags and author’s name
- Share books and annotations to your friends (need separated paid susbcription to Mantano Cloud)
Paid version only:
- Browse your internal memory and SD card thanks to the integrated File Explorer, to manually import books into your Library.

OPDS Catalogs Explorer

- Search for new books in several online catalogs
- Add your own OPDS catalogs
- Directly open a downloaded book in the ebook reader
- Filter by catalog and category
- Full-text book search

Supported platforms:

- Android 2.1 à 4.x Jelly Bean

Other ebook reader applications:
- Supporting Adobe DRM: Aldiko, Moon+ Reader, Kobo
- Not Supporting Adobe DRM: RepliGo, Laputa, Cool Reader, ezPDF.

Tags: Books, eBooks, Book Reader, eBook Reader, Library, Bookstore, share books.

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Google Play Comments

Excellent!One of the few that works really well. You have nothing to lose trialling it, & lots to gain!
Finally!!!Only working epub reader!!!! I love this Only thing tat would make it better would be an optional page flip animation...
Sweet! (TF101)Like the night-time reading (negative) mode. Pretty fast. Would like it if you could zoom with a little more control something between fit to screen in landscape mode or page width would be nice.

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