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Oct 10, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.6
Rating: 11743

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Manga Searcher | Manga Reader


Manga Searcher | Manga Reader Description

Read Over 10000 Manga On Your Phone

"MangaSearcher" can help you Search & Read Manga.
Read Over 10000 manga on your Android phone or tablet.
Support 10 manga server.Better download speed.Larger manga database.

- Search manga with a keyword.
- Download manga to SD card.
- Read manga offline.
- Delete manga in SD card.
- Bookmark last read page.
- Fling on the pages and Pinch zoom.
- Lock Image in Auto, Partrait or Landscape mode.
- Volume up/down to control page next/prev.

"MangaSearcher" is a free Manga Reader for Android. There are so many "Manga Reader", "Manga Books", "Manga Watcher", "Manga Viewer", "Comic Reader", "Comic Books", and "Comic Viewer" in the market. Compare with them, "MangaSearcher" is still young. But we promise: We will continue develop new features for "MangaSearcher" and update it from time to time.If you like this app, you can share it in facebook, google+ or twitter.

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Google Play Comments

Great but needs a few tweaksLove the selection but I run into issues with some chapters being unable to download. Would love to be able to select which server to try to download from as a means of troubleshooting this issue. Thumbnails at least of the cover of the manga would be a nice cosmetic touch. Really just need that better download options and support.
does not support saving to sd samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus..evrything gets saved on phone memory which kinda sucks coz i cant keep all my fave mangas on my tab.. it would simply die while my memory card remains empty.. i used to download manga using this app and manually transfer them to sd coz again, save to sd is not available, but that option was also removed when the file names for manga downloads was changed into superlong random letters understood only by this app alone.. phew been using this app for 10 mos now but my plea for sd support hasnt been heard yet
Love it! But...I really love the app, but sometimes they give the wrong manga for a particular chapter. I wish they had a 'report bug' option so that they'll know it's the wrong manga. Other than that, a 5 stars app! :D

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