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Jun 07, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 329

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Mahjong and Friends


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Supported Languages: English, French, Chinese(Traditional/Simplified), JapaneseMahjong and Friends(MJ&F) is a traditional Mahjong(麻雀/麻將) game based on the Mahjong Competition Rules(MCR) introduced by The World Mahjong Organization. The game features all 81 types of Mahjong Hands defined in the rules. **If program quits immediately after launching, please enable your device's internet connection, internet connection is required if this occurs, this is not a malfunction nor bug.MJ&F supports multiplayer through either Bluetooth(*1) or TCP(Intranet/Internet/Wifi/Hotspot(*2)). Paid version supports hosting of 2-4 player game, where both Paid and Free version can connect as guest.
*1) Bluetooth game requires Android 2.1+.
*2) Hosting a "Hotspot" game requires Android 2.2+.MJ&F supports in-game auto save. So that you don't have to worry about losing your game state on a transportation rush.What's more, it features a record logging system that records all of the Mahjong Hands you achieved during your day-to-day game-play.Want others know you've won with a "Big Four Winds" Mahjong Hand? No problem! You can always use the Capture feature to take result screenshot and save it to the SD storage, or use the Share feature to submit the screenshot to your favorite social network like Twitter or Facebook.**When playing in network mode, ALWAYS use the same versions for all devices.***dear all, please noted that Bluetooth is a short distance communication technology, it needs both devices in short distance(e.g. within 3 meters) to establish a connection.(*update maybe frequent sometimes, please turn on auto-update if you feel this harassing, always check change log to see what's being updated and decide whether to apply, thanks!)Change Log:
A. Added French translation. Thanks Arkhee et le Club Tiin Azur!
B. Added "Quick Start" section under "How to Play".1.1.23
A. Better winning tiles hint - exhausted tiles will be crossed out.
B. Fixed winning tiles hint didn't show up in several special hands.
C. Fixed incorrect high score record bug.1.1.24
LAN/Wifi network mode fix.1.1.25
Unlock 3 bonus wallpapers by rating this app! (Hint: Tap the star! If you have already rated, it's just fine to submit the same rating again.)1.2.0
A. Added server network mode, now you can use your 2G/3G data connection to host/connect a game.
B. Added random wallpaper option.
C. Network mode UI tweak.1.2.01
A. Added Tile Color option
B. Added 3 new characters (for network mode only)
C. Minor bug fixes1.2.02
A. Fixed "Exit" bug during game play on some devices
B. Added 1 network mode character
C. Added 1 tile color1.3.02
A. Added "Tournament" game mode
B. Bug fixes and UI tweak1.3.03
A. Tournament bug fixes
B. Tournament UI tweak
**IMPORTANT: This update will reset old version's saved game, finish it before update if necessary. (All statistics data and endless mode data will remain intact)1.3.05
A. Added 2 new characters and 1 new wallpaper
B. You can restart a tournament match (except Finals) with 2 tickets, click menu during tournament match
C. UI bug fixes and tweaks1.3.07
A. Added a new tournament, along with new items
B. Added 1 new wallpaper
C. Bug fixes: ready hand of "seven pairs" and “knitted tiles” can't be recognized properly sometimes1.3.08
A. Added a new character
B. Added option to switch off tile hint (for those who want some serious practice for the real game!).
C. Item logic tweak, increased the chance to obtain unowned items in tournament mode1.3.10
A. Added "Stronger AI" option.
B. Fixed several scoring bugs.1.3.13
Fixed display problem for qHD+ devices.1.3.14
A. Added option to disable stretch image mode for qHD+ devices.
B. Fixed LAN multiplayer interface crashing problem on 4.0+ devices.1.3.15
A. Minor bug fixes.
B. Updated to latest Android library, better compatibility and performance enhancement.

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Simply awesome.Easy to play, difficult to master but therein lies the challenge. The game is simple to pick up and tricky to put down. Very pleased :)
Would be 5 stars but....The game crashes if you try to come back to the first hand of a tournament. The free version doesn't do this so it ought to be an easy fix. Apart from this the game is excellent and will get 5 stars from me once fixed!
True storyshowed a coworker from china this app because I saw he was already playing a similar game on his phone. the 1 he was playing didn't have the proper seat position ie n s e w. and didn't include a special hand scoring like the 1 in this game . he immediately ask what the name of the game was on android market and proceeded to download it . the funniest thing was he was surprised that I knew how to play mahjong .

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