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Feb 24, 2011
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.6
Rating: 8

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Mafia Pro


Mafia Pro Description

The party game you've been waiting for!

Please note that this is a party game. You cannot play by yourself. You need someone to narrate and at least three players, preferably eight, to play.

This is the popular party game Mafia (also called Werewolf), but now on your phone! This game allows you to choose friends from your contacts and then it generates a game of Mafia for you to play with them. Great for when you have a large group of people and want everyone to be able to participate in a game.

Includes 20 roles besides just plain Citizen and Mafia to keep things interesting! Also allows the narrator to make certain roles mandatory and to assign codenames to all players!

For more information, check out Wikipedia:

This game collects anonymous data to help with future development by default. If you wish, you can disable data collection in the settings.

This version is ad free, has role texting, the option to change role settings, the ability to use codenames, and the ability to rank players!

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Google Play Comments

Amazing AppI would like to see a few things fixed though. I would like to be able to text the descriptions of the roles to the players and also text both roles and roles with descriptions along side codenames. A few other possibilities are: the ability to mark dead people, swap roles or change roles, the ability to send the changed roles to the players, the ability to have the players text back choices
Like the concept. Needs option to send role descriptions defaultly, option to add ...Like the concept. Needs option to send role descriptions defaultly, option to add someone to game not in your contacts. also ability to swap roles
This app is fantastic! Works great, easy to use, and lots of fun! 

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