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Oct 09, 2013
2.2 and up
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Lutron Home Control+


Lutron Home Control+ Description

Lutron Home Control+ requires a Lutron total home control system (RadioRA® 2, HomeWorks® QS or HomeWorks® Illumination) programmed using the appropriate version of design and programming software as follows:

RadioRA 2: Version 6.0 or higher
HomeWorks QS: Version 5.0 or higher
HomeWorks Illumination: Version 1.64 Non-Beta or higher

Design and programming software is available only to qualified installers and is required for initial setup of this application. Contact your Lutron dealer for more information.

The Lutron Home Control+ application allows you to control your RadioRA 2, HomeWorks QS, and Homeworks Illumination lighting control systems with the convenience of your Android phone or tablet.

Features (included in the $19.99 App purchase price*):

- Adjust light and shade levels (including venetians) throughout your home
- Control system keypads including button feedback and raise/lower controls
- Edit time clock events (Schedules screen on iPad)
- Adjust your temperature settings and schedules
- Easily edit the light and shade levels programmed to keypad buttons and time clock events in real time using the Level Editor
- Change the Grafik Eye scene that is activated by a keypad button or time clock event in real time using the Level Editor
- Control ceiling fan speeds throughout your home
- Manage multiple RadioRA 2, HomeWorks QS, and HomeWorks Illumination systems in the same app

* All features included in this App are available using your home Wi-Fi network. For remote access of your system outside the home (available as an in-app purchase), please see below.

New Remote Access Upgrade:
-Remotely access your system from anywhere in the world.
-Available for RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks QS systems only.
-Requires internet access.
-Requires an additional in-app purchase of $59.99 per year ($4.99 per month).
-Note: This feature requires your system to be upgraded to RadioRA 2 version 6.1 or HomeWorks QS version 5.1 by your dealer/installer.

Lutron remains committed to providing you with world class quality and service.
Please contact us at our 24/7 hotline (800.523.9466) or if you are currently experiencing problems.

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Google Play Comments

Does not work with Lutron HomeworksThe iPhone/iPad version of this app works just fine with a Homeworks system, but the Android version does not. No obvious warnings or error messages, it just fails to connect to the Homeworks server every time. Apparently this is a known bug, Lutron just fails to inform purchasers. Given that I can already access my Homeworks system via the Android browser (no app needed), I ask myself why I should pay even $0.01 for this app. The iPhone version works OK, but neither the iPhone or Android version is $20 better than the free basic web access.
Works great!I would like to be able to control the system outside my LAN. Also, I would like the option to create a custom "home" page within the app. Finally, please take advantage of Andoid Widgets! I would LOVE to have widgets for scenes and temperature control on my home page.
Barely worked with my Droid 2...***Edit to my initial review which was the program did not work properly*** After contacting Lutron's hardware support and working with my installer, we figured out the default username and password on the RA2 repeater did not work. My installer created other usernames and passwords on the RA2 repeater and I could connect to the system then. If you are having an issue connecting, ask whoever installed the system to create another username and password and try to connect using those new credentials. Once I could connect, I could run the program and it's a lot faster than on my old Droid 2. I can control all my lights the way I want to now.

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