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Oct 17, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 69692

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Lucky Bingo


Lucky Bingo Description

Free! Live bingo vs other players 24/7! Plus win big in the daily game!


LuckyBingo is the best bingo game value ever -- 3 great bingo games in one, fun-filled, simple, easy app! Play all the games all the time for free, and win LuckyBingo LuckyCoins.

In Live Action Bingo, the action is fast, furious and continuous -- play live bingo games against other live players, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Painfully Slow Bingo is our unique, amazing daily bingo game -- always paying winners big jackpots, and always a "Cover All" game, on day one of a game 23 bingo balls are called all at once... then every day following that, at precisely noon eastern time, 10 new bingo balls are called, all at once. Players check in for a few minutes every day to get that day's new bingo balls, and go for that jackpot! A new game starts every day!

Instant Bingo offers the thrilling rush of great bingo... in just seconds! Tap. Play. Win! Then again!

Plus -- all LuckyBingo players receive free Daily Bonuses of LuckyCoins, every day, just for opening the app.

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Google Play Comments

Too many blucky adds!!!!This was my favorite game! The darn pop-up adds are driving me crazy tho! I had 7 while collecting gifts! Maybe if we all let them know we HATE POP-UPS they might do something about them!! Now they have changed the free gifts again, I used to get more, wish they would quit changing things, I liked the way it used to be! They now limit how many times we gift back people.
Great game once againYes they have listened,Love it, payouts are better. Great fun, still need to rid of the cool down. Really glad they read their reviews. Where have my friends gone though, I need coins boohoo.
Thanks for listeningSo happy that payouts have been restored. Giving 4 stars because Monkey Around is still too fast to play more than 2 cards at a time and balls called faster now than cool down counts down in other rooms. Also lags too long when marking numbers called and particularly when you bingo. Have missed several bingos since new update due to lags. Need a confirm buy for auto daub. Keep accidentally buying it..

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