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Mar 19, 2013
Varies with device
Varies with device
Varies with device
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 115

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Lock 'n' Roll Pro - Ad Free


Lock 'n' Roll Pro - Ad Free Description

This is the pro version with lots of extras! There are no ads. An undo feature lets you undo anything up until you get more dice. A special icon is shown next to your scores to show you are a pro. Your high scores can also get on an exclusive all-time category in the high score boards! There's also a special multi-player challenge system to really see how well you did! A shared pro score that makes the high score board can be challenged by yourself or others. Challengers get the same dice and attempt to beat the original score. You can check back and see how well other people did with the same dice you got. Thank you very much for your support!Lock 'n' Roll is an intriguing puzzle game requiring a combination of luck and skill. Roll four dice at a time and arrange them on a 4x4 grid. Receive points for various combinations according to number and color.You must place all four dice and once you lock them down, they are fixed in place! the most difficult combinations are cleared from the board.Earn enough points and be rewarded with a Joker! The game keeps going until there are no more places for dice. How high can you score? That's entirely up to you...Prove your smarts in this fun dice game. Make the right patterns to score and keep the board clear. Show everyone on the score boards! Challenge scores shared by pro players and see how you do with the same dice! The #1 iPhone dice game is now here.Real comments:
*Addicting and challenging*
*Great & innovative puzzle game*

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Favorite gamePlease fix the score bar. Used to work until latest updates.
AwesomeCan't go a day without playing it!!!!!
DopeThis is my favourite game. Fantastic. Started playing this with I phoned 3g an die never stopped... After 6 phones ;-)

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