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Mar 19, 2011
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 7

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Location Alarm - Ding Lite


Location Alarm - Ding Lite Description

Location Alerts Location App GPS Tracker Ding

Watch a quick video of how ding works - or search for Ding Android on youtube

Ding is to send location-based alerts to specific contacts for specific locations as you move past or to these locations. Ding has two main views, one is a map view and another is the location list view.

Map view allows you to set locations where you want alerts.
A blue pointer indicates all your set locations. To set a location, you need to zoom to a level greater than the default zoom level and do a long press. This will bring a popup to name your location and then another screen to add contacts and save. You can also search for a location by entering the name directly. To find your current location click on the menu and select My Location.

Location List view allows you to view all your set locations as a list. To edit or delete locations or add/remove contacts to locations, you have to just select them.

Once locations are set, anytime you step out, the ‘ding notifier’ needs to be started from the application home screen. The notifier by default runs for an hour and options are provided to extend up to 2 hours. You can put the android device in your pockets, carry it in the handbag/purse or put it in your backpack and the alerts will be sent as you go past or to a location.

Enjoy Ding and keep your friends and family informed of your whereabouts. Wish you all Safe driving.

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Interface for adding a location is clumsy and confusing. No option to associate a ...Interface for adding a location is clumsy and confusing. No option to associate a note with an just goes off and you hope you can remember.
Great programming, HTC Evo 4G 2.2 

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