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Nov 18, 2011
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.2
Rating: 62

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Live Wires 2.0 Live Wallpaper


Live Wires 2.0 Live Wallpaper Description

Live Wires 2.0 Wallpaper is an Android live wallpaper that features geometric shapes wire frame animation reminiscent of the 90's desktop screen savers; but provides much more features for today's advanced Android devices. This version comes fully customizable. Allowing you to create many different variations.

Live Wires 2.0 Wallpaper supports:

* A variety of shape styles, including ellipse, circle, line, 3-sided polygon and 4-sided polygon.
* You can customize animation characteristics such as frame rate, number of shapes, number of trailing frames, color change rate, bounce speed and more.
* This updated version also supports settable backgrounds from the picture gallery. Now your wire frame animations can have any background of your choosing.
* Save your settings and randomly cycle through them for endless variations.

Live wallpapers taking up too much of your battery time? Well, we've added a settable low battery level threshold that you can enable. It will stop the live animation when the battery drops to the level that you've specified, and displays a battery icon with the current level. Animation will resume once the battery is charged above the specified low level threshold. You can now have your live wallpaper, but still have battery time when you need it most.

Try the full license free for 10 days. After which you will have the opportunity to upgrade to the full licensed version or continue using the free licensed version at a reduced feature set. Your full licensed version allows you to keep the low battery level alarm and the ability to manage your favorites. If you choose not to upgrade to the full license after the trial period, you will still have the other features available for continued enjoyment.

Revision 8 Release Notes
Fixed FC on Honeycomb when background cannot be loaded.

Revision 6 Release Notes
Optimized license check during start up.

Revision 5 Release Notes
About screen now detects presence of full license companion application and will perform the authentication procedure.

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Cheryl jVery good. ...
not bad...
Nice but just too harsh, need to include it's transparency. 

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