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Nov 16, 2012
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 3.4
Rating: 107

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LCARS Terminal


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This app is designed to imitate the look and feel of the Library Computer Access and Retrieval System from the massively popular TV series and films.It has over 50 beautifully finished LCARS screens and over 80 high-quality sounds to keep you and your friends entertained for hours!It was designed to be used ONLY in landscape mode (sideways) and gives your Android phone or tablet the look and feel of a real sci-fi hand-held device.Tapping the screen generates the same beeping sounds that the instrument panels do on the shows or in the films and if you SHAKE your device, you will hear the voice of the computer speak!Moving between screens is easily done with a flick of the finger, showing you the latest tactical updates or long range scan results - not to mention ship schematics, helm configurations and much much more!You can also now enjoy a background warpcore hum noise while using this app, or while using your Android for that matter! Simply open the app, start the program and wait until you can hear the warpcore hum, then press the "Home" button and you can now use your device and other apps with the soothing sound of a class 9 warp drive purring from your phone or tablet!! It even works while the screen is locked/off! (device, OS dependant) so you can leave it humming on your desk or bedside table.I have also added a screenshot function so you can now save the images to your SD card to use as backgrounds, or share with your friends and other devices. See a screen you like? Save it and email it to yourself for your desktop background!
Customer Reviews :-★★★★★ - Kudos. Every great idea begins with the first step. This is the beginning. A must for Star Trek fans★★★★☆ - Totally useless, of course, but I've found it to attract geeky girls when I boot it up on my tablet in the local cafe :)★★★★★ - Great app. Would be so much better if the screens were animated★★★★☆ - How fun is this?! 5 stars if it did something useful (like the Tricorder program). That being said, loads of FUN!! SO worth the price for a ST fan!
PLEASE NOTE:- Whilst the beeping noises will happen as a result of screen touches, an accelerometer is required to make the computer voice speak when you shake your device!
Thank-you all sincerely for your downloads, Live long and prosper!*This application is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Paramount or CBS interactive. It is NOT an officially licensed Star Trek product and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended*
Keywords :- StarTrek Starfleet United Federation Planets Enterprise Voyager Deep Space Nine DS9 Delta Flyer Kirk Picard Janeway Sisko Science Fiction Unofficial Trekkie App*** This app has been thoroughly tested for use with Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean *** This app scans clean with Norton, AVG and Webroot *** Test Devices : Desire HD, Sensation, One X + Nexus 7Permissions Explained :-STORAGE - Required to store the app on your SD cardNETWORK COMMUNICATION - Required for error reporting and statisticsPHONE CALLS - Required so the app can be paused or suspended when and if a call is received while the app is active on the screen.HARDWARE CONTROLS - Required for the vibration function, i.e. hepatic feedback.

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Only a trekkie could appreciateGood first Cut. Nice images but could be improved if they werent random. A thumbnail index or someway of choosing would be nice. Same for sounds. Looks great on my Galaxy Tab 10
Has potentialThe sounds are perfect, albeit random. Dedicated buttons to sounds with options to set to notifications and ringtones would help. Animations would also would be nice. Mixing in some of the features the Tricorder app includes would greatly benefit this app.
Great App, Works on the Toshiba ThriveTrue Trekkie app. Would be nice if you could pick which screens you want ex TNG, DS9, TOS, Voyager, etc. Animated screens would be good also, Worth the cost.

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