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Jul 06, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 3.8
Rating: 68

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Laundry Tycoon


Laundry Tycoon Description

Now here comes a new style of business game.
The 'Laundry tycoon' is an exciting time management game.
You will manage a laundry.
You may experience the reality, pleasure, and thrill of laundry in this game. For the limited time you should check the laundry bags of guests and
move your worker to complete the laundry process guests wants.
There are five kinds of laundry process.
-Washing, Dry cleaning, Spin-drying, Ironing, Mending clothes.
You just move your worker to the equipment with which you can do the work you should do.
So the control is very easy.There is THE CHANCE MACHINE in this game.
The chance machine make some events helping your business.
That makes your business a dramatic show.Earn much money and upgrade your laundry.(New facilities and interior decorations)
In higher stages it is more difficult to play
but the game is more interesting and you can make more money and a high record.

------------------------------------------------------------Never miss this game, if you want a creative and substantial entertainment.
Easy and addictive 'Laundry Tycoon' will keep your adrenaline going.

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Google Play Comments

Girl moves way too slow..The only reason I gave 3 stars is because the girl moves way to slow which makes it impossible to make it on time with certain tasks..and I don't like they take you back levels if you loose points or don't make the goal which the reason you can't make the goal is cus she moves way to slow..cus diner dash etc. Is very similar but at least flo is fast and gets faster with levels and power ups..developers need to work on that..the more reviews u read you'll see a lot of peeps feel the same..then it'll. Be worth 5 stars..
I like this game :-)For me, it was worth the money, but barely. I think 99¢ would be a better price & they'd probably sell more. The only bad thing so far? The worker walks waaaay too slow. Speed her up, reduce the price, & I'd give it 5 stars.
Toooooooo slow, don't buy!The girl walks to slow 1st of all, and we should be able to buy things or speed with the money we earn, pls fix this!!

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