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Mar 08, 2012
2.1 and up
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Latify for Google Latitude


Latify for Google Latitude Description

Latify is a feature-rich Google Latitude client for Android, supporting offline sync, background GPS updates, user location sharing, history visualisation and tracking and much more.Be in charge of how you use Latitude. Set Google Latitude in manual mode and let Latify control you battery usage and avoid draining your battery with pointless and inaccurate updates. Decide for yourself when to use GPS / WiFi and when/how it should syncup with Google Latitude. Integrate with Tasker/Locale to autoselect the best location update strategy.Runs quietly in the background. Syncs your location changes either in realtime or delayed. Republish your current location at a user defined interval when stationary. Make sure your friends (and Google Latitude) always have an up to date view on your location. Latify can also sync your location changes in realtime with a Google Fusion table, allowing you to share your location with other (even non-Latitude) friends.You can disable the realtime updates to Latitude when roaming abroad, or when running on a low volume 3G or GPRS data connection. Latify can automatically sync your location updates when a WIFI connection is available, avoiding unnecessary costs. Upon arriving home, or at the hotel, use your free WIFI connection to upload all your location data to Google Latitude.Allow Google Latitude to get a more accurate view on your current and past location changes, resulting in a more accurate analysis of your time spent (at home, at work, places visited).Features:* Record,synchronize or publish your user location changes in real-time to Google Latitude.
* No need to keep Latify running in order to record location changes.
* Easy-to-use profiles (driving, at home, travelling) help you determining the best location polling and location update strategy.
* Convenient homescreen widgets for selecting location profiles, or specifying location polling intervals
* Tasker and Locale integration to automatically switch your location polling profile (when in your car use GPS, when at work use WiFi....)
* Record location changes using either GPS or WiFi/3G
* Toggle gps on/off option on each profile. (to avoid wasting battery when indoors).
* Visualize & replay your Google Latitude location history on a map. Never forget where you were on a particular day.
* Insert / remove past locations to/from your Google Latitude History
* When abroad, disable real-time updates if expensive roaming data rates apply. Instead, record your location changes on your phone, and as soon as WIFI is available, upload and synchronize your location changes to Google Latitude.
* Share your location via email, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz.
* Share either city level or street level details with Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, SMS or e-mail.
* Option to fall-back to Cell Tower / WiFi lookups when GPS is disabled or times out.
* Option to force Latify to use WiFi/3G based lookups only.
* Re-publish your last known location at user-defined intervals when no GPS signal is available
* Choose to store your location updates on your phone without sending them to Google Latitude in realtime under certain conditions (no 3G / WIFI connectivity).
* Push your location updates in one shot to Latitude (ex: when a WIFI connection is available)
* Use GPS in your car, WIFI at home or at work. When abroad, choose not to sync in realtime, but rather use delayed sync when cheaper or free internet connection becomes available.
* Save and/or share your Google Latitude location history to a KML/GPX file.
* Option to auto-restart Latify polling / sync services on phone reboot
* Google Fusion Tables integration - Send your location changes to Google Fusion Tables
* Quick Location History navigation / playback via progress barWebsite :
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Take control of your location.Lafify is a neat program that publishes your location based on either GPS or cell tower location based on a specific interval that you set. For me, it works perfectly if I set it to GPS only. I have the galaxy s2, so it can barely triangulate a signal based oncell towers at all. this program shares my location accurately.
Needs improvementsThe ideea of the software is great, only it needs improvements. The interface looks old, not alligned to the newest version of Android, profile settings don't always stick and many others... I only purchased it because it has offline recording, in comparison to Backitude, which is a great simple free software.
Works great!Gives you the flexibility to control your GPS and power consumption. Makes latitude as good as glymspe, maybe better. Use with Tasker to really see the power of Latify. Excellent support!

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