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Jan 12, 2012
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PhotoVoca- 6 Languages at Once


PhotoVoca- 6 Languages at Once Description

■ Your memory will greatly increase when memorizing the words along with photos.

The degree of memorization increases 580 times its size when the visual effects are added to memory remaining in the brain. - Herbert Marshall McLuhan

■ World's first App enabling students to learn thousands of essential vocabulary terms with photos that become the basis for acquiring each national language.

■ Through Photo Voca, the essential vocabulary terms of 6 different nations(English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Korean) can be learned with a single App.

★ 90% of language learning depends on the vocabulary!

The essential vocabulary terms required to acquire each language can easily be memorized through photos.

☆ Automatic Mode Learning
- Automatic appearance of images and vocabularly terms to beating music
- Select and play the vocabularly terms that you want to learn among the 6 different languages provided
(vocabulary terms appear to music with regular beats)

☆ Manual Mode Learning
- Select and learn from 6 different languages
- Turn the page with left & right scroll
- Repeat pronunciations by clicking on the vocabulary term.

☆ Free Note Learning
- Learning can be achieved while freely writing with your hand
- Memory doubles with effects of self-testing the learned vocabulary terms
[Total of 6 Different Languages]
1) English
2) Chinese
3) Japanese
4) French
5) Spanish
6) Korean

[6 Language Photo Vocabulary authors]

* English - Josh Kim

* Chinese - Zheng Yuzhi

* Japanese - Uchiyama Mayumi

* Korean - Lee Eun O

* French - Benjamin Massat

* Spanish - Moonparkdaeook

Produced by: Heart & Mind

Developed by: Waterbear Soft

★ Thank you for sending in your opinions to and we will make efforts to quickly reflect the opinions.

*Supported resolution:
- 480*800 (WVGA)

★ Twitter: @waterbear_andro

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