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Mar 04, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
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Kitchen Timer


Kitchen Timer Description

Are you sick of twirling a dial or pressing an up/down selector 30 times to set a simple timer? Then this is the timer app for you! Just type key in the timer delay in minutes and hit "Add" button and the timer will begin.

Your timer can be set in as little as 2 key presses, compared to 30 or so in other timer apps on the Android Market.


- Rock solid stability and reliability
- Ergonomic timer entry
- Does not acquire wake-locks and so will not drain your battery unlike other timers
- Uses system alarm manager and robustly stores alarms so that the alarm doesn't fail when the app is closed
- Less aggressive/annoying timer sound (rooster loops every few seconds instead of without delay)
- Less aggressive/annoying vibrate settings (as above)
- Timer up to 999 minutes long (PRO version only)
- No adverts (PRO version only)

Future planned features:

- Multiple Timers
- Custom Vibrate patterns
- Custom Alarm Tones
- Single Ring mode
- LED blink alert
- Stopwatch function


- Kitchen Timer
- Food Timer
- General Alarm


- Vibrate permission
- Internet access and coarse location required for AdMob adverts and analytics (not shown in the Pro/Donate version).
- Read phone state. Used to check phone ID for registration

Privacy Concerns

A few people have emailed me concerned about location etc. I am a sole developer, I'm not spending my time trying to locate and spy on you! ;)

I use an analytics library which shows me which countries the apps I write are downloaded which helps me to decide which languages to localise for first.

The app also sends me statistics about crashes so that I can detect any bugs I introduce and fix them quickly.

Lastly, for those who have the free version, the Google ads use location to serve you ads in the right language and the location that suits you e.g. adverts for American products in English rather than for German products in German.

I hope this helps to explain why these permissions exist.

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Google Play Comments

Badly placed adsThe ad at the bottom takes a few seconds to appear. So when you go to press "start" the ad pops up at the last second and you open it instead. This is shady and I'm uninstalling. There are a lot of better timers that don't do shady things to make you open their ads.
Droid Kitchen TimerFantastic and simple to use. Use it everytime from boiling eggs to cooking a cake, never lets me down!
Nice appThis app works just like it said... point blank. Easy thx

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