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Aug 09, 2012
1.5 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
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Kik Messenger


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Kik Messenger

19 million users love Kik! It's the fast, simple, and personal smartphone messenger that connects you to everyone you love to talk to.

Here's why you'll love Kik:

FAST: Kik is hands-down the fastest, most reliable smartphone messenger available. And with sent, delivered, read, and typing notifications, your conversations will come to life.

SIMPLE: We believe that simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication. We've spent thousands of hours making sure Kik is the easiest, most beautiful way to send messages, pictures, videos, sketches and more.

PERSONAL: Your Kik username - not your phone number - is your Kik Identity, so you can keep complete control of your privacy. No wonder Kik is the number one way people connect in other social apps like Instagram, SocialCam, and Viddy.

Here's what our users have to say:

"Amazing app! And so, so fast." Katie
"The best way to keep your personal information private." Phil,
“Really easy to use.” Amber

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KuliPragnorHey, I'm a 16 yr old male and I'm looking for people around my age to talk to. I want some good and interesting convos. plz no nudes and/or sexting. Kik me KuliPragnor. It'd be fun and don't be shy :D
Picture loadingIt's a really good app but on tablets the pictures domt load through.. I don't see why considering I have good connection. Is there a way to possibly fix it? If so then it would be pretty much one of the beat apps to have. Keep up the good work!
October 15, 2012
Just looking a friendly/random or anything in between chat with anybody that can keep up a good convo, I like to meet cool new people, It's nice sense the people you see day in day out with the same worn out faces haha gets to predictable at times. If you feel the same feel free to kik me @Caesarmma09 (: again Woman only 

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