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Oct 11, 2013
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 21569

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Keeper® Password & Data Vault


Keeper® Password & Data Vault Description

Keeper® is a secure, powerful and easy-to-use password manager for Android phones & tablets, desktop computers and your favorite web browser!

• Trusted by millions of users with over 50,000, 5-star reviews
• Organize and access your passwords and private information
• Sync seamlessly across all your Smartphones, Tablets and Computers
• Create strong passwords with Keeper’s instant password generator
• Auto-fill and remember new passwords for all your websites
• Share records with business teams, work groups and family members
• Enjoy peace of mind with military AES encryption which protects your data
• Stay secure with unlimited storage on Keeper’s Cloud Security Vault™

Millions of users trust Keeper as their secure password vault. Let Keeper take the pain out of remembering all those passwords for your websites, bank accounts, social networks, credit cards, frequent flyer accounts, vendor accounts and anything else you need to remember!

Keeper's premium features: Unlimited Cloud Storage, Sync and Backup are free for 30 days with annual subscription thereafter.

Keeper and Password Keeper are registered trademarks of Keeper Security, Inc.


Note: Contacts permissions are required only to make it easier for you to use Keeper's secure record sharing feature. Keeper does not access users contacts without authorization.

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Great Security ProgramPrograms easy to use and update. Worth the $9.99 a year, which gives you storage and updating that the free program doesn't give you. I would recommend getting the full program and not just the free program.
Chris Bare
Awesome! I spoke and they listened!As an IT professional, this app is a lifesaver. I even had this app rated lower and I told them why. There must have been others with the same recommendations because they changed their app for the better. Thank you for this app. Well worth the money!
Password?What if we forgot the main password to get in? I could've sworn it was the same password that I used for everything else, but it's just not letting me in. Is there a way that I could request for a new password and receive my current password to the app? All in all, the app is not bad actually. I have lots of stuff that I need to remember my passwords to and this is simple enough for me.

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