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Apr 02, 2013
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Keep Aware of Autism Theme


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*National Autism Awareness Month sale: Only 99 cents*Keep Aware of Autism Theme is a brand new donation theme for Apex / Nova / or ADW Launchers, featuring multi-colored puzzle pieces and Autism support style wallpaper. Show your support for Autistic Awareness with this beautiful jigsaw puzzle piece theme for Apex, Nova, or ADW Launcher!This theme fully benefits respected Autism supporting charities, part of BRIONICthemes Causes developer series.KEEP AWARE OF AUTISM JIGSAW PUZZLE PIECE THEME FEATURES:+ FULLY INTERLOCKING PUZZLE PIECES - Over 430+ beautiful custom designed puzzle pieces with custom etched app icons, in a multi-colored Google Keep influenced style. Pieces are designed to interlock, with alternate pieces and colors available in the icon pack to fully theme your device. See instructions below to set up interlocking puzzle pieces.+ ULTIMATE AUTISTIC SUPPORT WALLPAPER PACK - 10 Custom designed exclusive Autism Awareness style wallpaper, set includes: Support Blocks (multi-colored), Support Blocks (Lit Blue), I Support (Dark and Light versions), and Theme Slogan in multicolor, red, yellow, blue, or green.+ FULL ICON & LAUNCHER SUPPORT - Includes custom icon masks, backgrounds, foregrounds, and all supporting Apex Launcher graphics.+ FULLY BENEFITS CHARITY - Designed to fully support Autism and benefit respected charities.DIRECTIONS / INSTRUCTIONS:
This is a theme (like a skin), it will not Open on its own, you need to apply it using a launcher app.To Apply full theme using Apex Launcher:
Open Apex Launcher > Press Menu > Theme settings > Scroll to theme > ApplyTo Apply full theme using Nova Launcher:
Open Nova Launcher > Press Menu > Nova settings > Look and feel > Icon Theme > Scroll to theme > PressTo Apply theme using ADWLauncher / ADW Launcher EX:
Open ADW > Press Menu > ADWSettings > Themes > Scroll and select theme > ApplyDefault Interlocking Pieces with Apex Launcher (optimum results vary based on device and launcher):
Menu > Apex Settings > Home Screen Settings > Icon Size > 150% > Portrait Grid > 9 x 6
> Behavior Settings > Gestures > Toggle status bar (must be put away for optimum lock)DEVELOPER NOTES:
Please e-mail with any concerns, suggestions, or questions.

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