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Dec 13, 2012
2.2 and up
Avg. score: 3
Rating: 440

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Kaspersky Tablet Security


Kaspersky Tablet Security Description

Kaspersky Tablet Security protects your Android tablet and any personal information stored on it with advanced anti-theft features. Using a convenient, web-based remote control, you can easily lock, clean or find your lost or stolen tablet. You can even secretly snap a “mugshot” of the perpetrator. And, with real-time Internet threat protection and automatic cloud-based virus-scanning, Kaspersky Tablet Security keeps you safer than ever as you’re online shopping, downloading apps and social networking with minimal impact on tablet resources.PREMIUM ANTI-MALWARE PROTECTION:
- Automatic virus-scanning of apps downloaded from the marketplace
- Cloud-enabled protection for fast reaction against new viruses, spyware, trojans, bots and more INTERNET THREAT PROTECTION:
- Real-time protection against dangerous links and web-pages, including phishing websites ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION:
- Remotely blocks your missing tablet to secure your personal information
- Remotely wipes your sensitive information from your tablet
- Remotely locates your lost or stolen tablet with GPS, GSM or Wi-Fi, and Google Maps
- Identifies unauthorized users of your tablet by secretly taking their “mugshot” and sending it to you PERSONAL WEB ACCOUNT FOR REMOTE MANAGEMENT:
- Allows you to easily communicate with your lost or stolen tablet: activate block, data wipe, find and mugshot commands, and review logs of recent activities OPTIMIZED INTERFACE:
- Product interface is specifically optimized for Android tablets to ensure the ultimate usability and performance MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE:
- Small, frequent updates, so there’s minimal impact on tablet resources SUPPORTED LANGUAGES:
English, Русский, Deutsch, Français, Español, Nederlands, Português.SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:
Android 2.2 and higher (including 4.2);
Minimum screen resolution - 480*800TROUBLESHOOTING
I am unable to validate Kaspersky Tablet Security. What should I do?

On some devices, Google Play issues can result in an app failing to validate – even though the app has been paid for. If this happens, please do the following:
1. On the device, select Applications > Settings > Applications > Manage applications.
2. Select Google Play Store.
3. On the app information screen, select Clear cache – then select Clear data.
4. Restart Google Play.
5. Start Kaspersky Tablet Security and re-validate the app.

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Google Play Comments

Mohamad Hafizatulakma
Screen autofade problem!!!Fix it please dev!! This problem appear on my both tablet tab 7.7 and on note 2...its become auto fade and can't do nothing...your last update was on 19th Sept 2012? Have u check our complain frequently? Thanks
Works fineHave Kapersky on my PC aswell, the softwares always worked for me.
FraudBlocke my tab screen display every 4 sec,cant use my tab at all.Had to deactivate it to get my tab back to life.Not fixed till now.Wasted 500 odd bucks.Want it back. SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2

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