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Jul 22, 2012
2.2 and up
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Korea Real-time TV viewing


Korea Real-time TV viewing Description

tving (CJ Hello Vision) and the channel through a partnership has been updated a lot of real-time channel. The future quality of service and hope to return to.

- Update the City "package file is not signed correctly."
  If the application to delete the phrase Boise will then be re-installed.

Do you want to watch TV? That can be viewed in real-time broadcast applications and works site to view the broadcast is an application that will help.

Application run-time airwaves and sports, personal broadcasting, Replay taps
User wants to watch TV can easily find.

To view real-time broadcasting (WIFI & 3G & LTE) must have been a connection for broadcasting data rates can occur.

(3G or LTE watch unlimited charges If you are not at excessive rates can occur.)

Halsey Hall broadcast of the homepage of the application installation or migration can occur.

 * TV want?
 Eopeulgoe website as a link is like a channel that allows you to use a remote
 App. *

Broadcasting is a list that is supported.

Real-time bulletin board
Tving, MBC-(pooq), KBS-(K players), SBS-(gorilla), ionair, hold, MBN, JTBCTV Korea, EBS, OBS, M CountDown, comedy big leagues, drama channel, Ecole, MBC net, GTV , JEI English TV, the difference Nawon, parenting broadcast, YTN, YTN weather, KCN martial arts channel, FTV, GAMESPOT Korea, S Tree (documentary), National Broadcasting, the Armed Forces TV, art TV Arte, Korea Youth Broadcasting, Korea Broadcasting career, CBS TV, a Buddhist TV, CNN, CCTV News

Sports bulletin board
The next (epl soccer, etc.) and Naver (baseball, soccer, etc.), Nate (E sports), Sport TV (sports), Pandora paenkeseuteu, emgun UFC, raw pro baseball game (Pandora), ESPN

Personal Broadcasting Board, Pandora, Africa, and M. County, daeumpat, Nate plate, veetle, "YouTube

Replay Board, I am singer, voice-Korea, DOU-(Mid, etc.), Gom TV, Yanbian TV, a great birth, K-POP Star, Yanbian TV - movies, world-changing hours, 15 minutes, and single-minded Kids (Children's TV) ") Replay Dot Com, 2korea, Komi league, the global super-idol, dancing wideudeo Starcraft II, Korea's Got Talent 2, tapbaendeu 2, I Season 2 singer, makdwaemeokeun youngaessi, 2korea movie

Register or depending on the broadcast to support the installation of an application can request.

Author and proprietary information of their own broadcasting channel if you do not wish to be published
E-mail ( will be processed by sending it to delete.

Inconvenient to use the additional channels, such as points, please do not hesitate to contact if you have improvements.

If DMB does not require an internet anytime, anywhere TV Let ~ ~!

Developer dareunaep

TOC-TOC real-time search
community together lol
kpop s

Thank you.

Recent changes:
Update is add a simple channel.
Existing in the roller coaster was added.
If you do not need the update is not necessary.

Built-in flash browser to use the site to change to move
Add Channel
Saint-pro baseball game, 2korea, Komi league
Makdwaemeokeun youngaessi, 2korea movie
FIX bug

Content rating: Low Maturity

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