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Aug 27, 2012
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 4.5
Rating: 2356

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Jewels Temple Deluxe


Jewels Temple Deluxe Description

The best match-3 puzzle jewels game of its kind! Lots of fun and very challenging, can be played by anyone.

This casual game can make boredom go away. It has addicting graphics and awesome game play. It is a fun classic game brought to the Android world with new pretty jewels.

If you like this kind of jewels game (like Bejeweled or Jewels Deluxe) or matching games in general, then you will love our version of Jewels game. It is the best match-3 game.

This free jewels game comes with 3 game modes: Classic jewels, Endless jewels and the very cool jewels time attack! We challenge you to reach level 20 in jewels time attack. We even have motivational achievements for you to win! We also challenge you to reach our greatest achievement, the jewels star.

What you can play:
- Classic Jewels
- Time attack Jewels
- Endless Jewels

Other jewels games lack what this free game has to offer, things like thunders, bombs, achievements, Open Feint integration, levels and really cool looking graphics. Puzzle games don't get any better than this.

What is special:
- Bomb jewels
- Thunder jewels
- Awesome achievements
- Addictive graphics
- Flawless game play
- Global high scores with Open Feint

We are constantly working constantly to improve our games and any feedback is good. Please don't forget to rate if you feel like giving the game five stars. We intend to add new game modes like jewels maze or a map level system so you can live the story of a jewels hunter. If enough users request these features we can even implement other game modes like jewels shoot or jewels pop.

What we want to do next:
- More puzzle game modes
- Jewels hunter mode with maps
- More magic jewels

Permissions in Temple Jewels are needed for Open Feint to work and the permissions are used only if you want to use Open Feint.

Temple jewels is the best jewels game, the best matching game and the most popular color game. It is similar to Bejeweled and Jewels Deluxe,

Give it a try, better than Bejeweled and Jewels Deluxe!

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Google Play Comments

Hours of fun!!!!!!Love your game. Only one problem, you can spent hours playing. My husband especially loves it because of the action. Give US more. Thanks for the fun.
Awesome GameGreat game to play when you have time on your hands lol but you may get caught up and forget your other duties! :-D
Jewels TempleLove it to bits. Grahics and sound is so vivid Game can be saved. Hours wasted. Time escapes. Addictive and fun. And its FREE..!

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