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May 01, 2012
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iSmoke : The Shocking Truth 2. Description

The most incredible Short Story you'll EVER read. And a Free 4-Hour Music Movie!This Book-As-An-App Short Story is NOT just for Smokers and NOT just for avid readers. It's actually the PERFECT size for reading on an Android phone and is enjoyed by EVERYONE! And it comes with a Free 4-Hour Music Movie! It could also save your life or the life of a loved one because it exposes a secret about American Tobacco that NO media organization has EVER talked about.** Update September 2011 : Taking it to the next level. The entire Short Story App is now FREE! **Have you ever wondered why The American Tobacco Companies had to pay out over 30 BILLION dollars in law suits? The media never told you the reason. It's because they don't want to disclose their method of growing and processing their tobacco. There is NO other reason. This is not a Conspiracy Theory. This is a LEGAL FACT!'American Tobacco : The Shocking Truth' is a true story that has NEVER been told. Read what happened when Edward Rose, a well known American Writer & Film Maker, visited Europe and smoked a foreign brand of cigarettes for the entire time he was overseas. Ride along with him as suddenly, after being in Europe for 3 or 4 weeks, he starts "Forgetting" to smoke certain "Cycle" cigarettes... like those after a meal, after leaving a shopping center or while watching a movie.Why has no one ELSE figured this out and written about it? Here are four of the many reasons why this story has never been told to a large audience...1: Most Americans don't leave the country for more than 2 weeks.2: Those who do stay away longer, DON'T smoke a foreign brand because the American "M******" brand is available everywhere overseas, and most American Smokers stick with a brand they're familiar with even if it's not their EXACT brand.3: Those who do stay away longer and DO smoke a foreign brand for more than 3 or 4 weeks, and then notice what the author noticed, chalk it up to being more relaxed because they're on vacation. Then they return to the USA and switch back to their AMERICAN brand... never the wiser.You'll discover The Shocking Truth for yourself (or you can help a Friend or Loved One discover it), if you choose to smoke the European brands recommended in this book that were smoked by the author while he was in London, England and also after returning to The USA. This is why we can GUARANTEE you'll be "Shocked" by the different addiction. But remember, some foreign brands are made with American tobacco and might not cause this amazing change in your cravings. With that said, the brands recommended in this book, which taste just like American Cigarettes, can be purchased at most US Tobacco Stores or from many places on the internet. (This Story IS NOT a trick to lead you to a certain web site "For Profit") This will not only result in you smoking less, but it might also help you to stop smoking if you really want to Quit Smoking / Stop Smoking.Not enough? The story follows Edward Rose as he interacts with famous rock bands in Behind The Scenes situations that you'll read about NO WHERE else! You'll be right there as he lives out a Rock & Roll Fantasy and meets one of the biggest Rock Star's in the world while he filmed one of the most controversial music movies ever made!More? The book will have a link to a secret web page where you'll be able to watch several music videos, video clips and see DOZENS of pictures that are exclusive to this true story! YOU'LL ALSO GET TO DOWNLOAD THE AUTHOR'S 4 HOUR MUSIC MOVIE AT THAT LINK FOR FREE! The author's two-disk music movie is LOADED with music videos and well known songs from artists like U2, Lenny Kravitz, Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith, John Lennon, Bob Marley and many more. Topics in the movie include The John Lennon Assassination, Hurricane Katrina, The Bush Family, British Royalty and MUCH MORE!
-Includes The Introduction, Chapters 1-8, The Conclusion and an added Chapter "2011 Update" For Android Users-Free Movie Rated by Producer as PG-13-Works in Portrait Mode

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