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Aug 01, 2011
1.6 and up
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Intention - Vision Board DELUX


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*******Deluxe Version Includes the following******** **** Ability to play music from your audio library.
This is great for meditation and increasing your
attraction through feeling and auditory vibration **** Ability to change font, size, and color. Extra tool for personalizing and using color energy
This Intention Board uses high vibrational energy to attract the things you most want in your life. A car, a job, a relationship, wealth, happiness, prosperity. There are no limits to what you can visualize and manifest.It uses the same principles that Secret and the Law of Attraction teachTaking the time everyday to use the imagery will increase your attraction. These techniques are proven to work and are used widely in many different professions. Sports are a good example of this. Specific mental imagery skills for sports are a key component in reaching the winning edge. At the elite sports training centers, mental tools such as visualization, imagery and mental rehearsal are becoming an increasingly dominant part of the training regiment. Business, Marketing, Education, Living Environment, Fitness, and Well Being. It will work in area of your life that you choose to put on your board. Watching the slide show of your intentions gives you some present moment meditation. This can also be used to remove emotional blockages from the past that are affecting performance and daily productivity. Present moment focus can provide clarity and prospective. This will keep you open to all the little nudges, moving you in the direction of your intentions. Breath in the joy and abundance that the Universe provides and you deserve. The Universe is always working in our favor. Sometimes we just need to step out of the way. Get out of our head.....and see what happens.What you focused on, expands. This is a great tool to help you manifest your hopes and dreams into reality

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A Comprehensive Vision Board - Intention BoardGreat Work 'Chooz Joy Productions', you have offered all customizations one would think of. I hope more and more people will find this helpful. Cheers.
Frustrated! :-(Very frustrating! It keeps force closing! Would be cool if this didn't happen.
Keeps crashingSeemed ok but has crashed a number of times now and has locked me out

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