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Sep 22, 2011
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.9
Rating: 8

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Infinity Note


Infinity Note Description

Infinite space in the palm of your hand. A simple whiteboard / note taking app.

Infinite Space# in the palm of your hand. A simple note taking program without limits. It is like an infinite whiteboard, an endless memo. Great for making a quick sketch of something or capturing an idea from a moment's insight, or writing down your grocery list... Or if you like to think big, you can use use the vast space to brainstorm super huge epic ideas to bring joy the hearts and minds of trillions. This is the app to do it! \(^^)/ Yea!

*One finger draws a single line.

*Two fingers, slide and zoom around the sketching space.

*Tap two times on a line to erase it.

#it's not truly infinite, but there's a lot of room. If you zoom in to a certain degree everything becomes like a grid; that's a current limit of the number system I used. But scaling out goes very far.

*If you would, please let me know if it fails on your phone, or is uncomfortable or unusable and why. I only have a nexus one and it works fine there, but android can operate on many different kinds of phones. I appreciate the feedback Thank you.

(^^)/ Enjoy

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Google Play Comments

SuperbReally easy to use and flawless note taking. Some features would make thus even more awesome: Written tags for marking and searching, search files when opening, arranging files alphabetically.
If this doesn't 'catch' I'll be surprisedThis is a little gem. I hope it doesn't get too cluttered. There isn't a place for bug reports or feature requests yet. I would love to put tags in spots and zoom to them, highlight them, list them.... Moveable text blocks (maybe like sticky notes) would be nice, too; my handwriting is horrendous. It seems as though the long press is triggered really fast using the S-pen on Galaxy Note, so it might be nice to be able to customize the long-press duration. An 'undo' would be stellar, but erasing works just fine. Working well on GNote, ThinkPad Tablet, SG3.
Seriously cool.Worth the price for the wow factor alone, yet also happens to be a very useful productivity app. Well done.

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