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Feb 19, 2013
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Incident Command Table


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Incident Command Table is a digital command board for mission planning, after action reviews, accountability in your command. It is the combination of three extremely popular emergency management and planning apps: Tactical Police Table, Tactical Fire Table, and Tactical EMS Table. ALL features of these three apps have been combined for indicent commanders and responders. These three apps have provided Police Officers, Firefighters, and Emergency Management personnel with tactical icons, drawing facilities, and playback functionality necessary for mission planning and after action reviews... now they are one! USER FEEDBACK
"A standard drawing or magnetic command board isn’t nearly as dynamic or easy to use..." MORE INFO
The United States Military uses an age-old tool called a sand table to quickly plan missions before deployment. Sand tables are proven effective training and planning tools used on a daily basis. Built with sand tabling in mind, Incident Command Table allows you to draw up training scenarios, conduct after action reviews (AARs), and share it with those under your command, ultra fast. Mission Planning Features:
+ Tactial icons for firefighters, law enforcement, crime scenes, emergency responders, wildland fire, and more!
+ Streamlined interface for ultra-fast scenario development
+ Unlimited Undo/Redo!
+ Load your own maps (from your photo gallery) and draw your plan directly on it
+ Sand, custom, and dynamic Google Maps background
+ Describe weather wind speed/direction for outdoor situations
+ Quickly email a snapshot of your fire table to anyone!
+ Dozens of tactical icons (identify structures, units, vehicles, hazards, etc)
+ Resize, rotate, and fade icons for detailed planning
+ Personalize icon names to fit your department. Mission Playback Features:
+ Playback your scenario after drawing!!!
+ Play, fastfoward, rewind, skip forward and back in your drawing, just like you drew it! Check out the Whats New section below to see all the latest updates! Incident Command Table is a tool designed with incident commanders, law enforcement, and emergency management in mind to hone skills, increase communication, and learn from mistakes. As a Commander, you deserve the best tools to perform your job to the fullest. Buy Incident Command Table today, share it with your team, and be sure to send feedback to enhance this app to be the best tool in your toolkit! Use the "Send Feedback" button on the splash page to send your comments/ideas our way. We are committed to making Incident Command Table the best, and need your help! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter at and on Facebook at

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