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May 11, 2011
1.5 and up
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iGotChat Messenger / Free Text


iGotChat Messenger / Free Text Description

iGotChat is Cross-Platform Instant Messenger for Android, iPhone & iPod Touch.

Now with Message Receipts! Works Worldwide! iGotChat is a cross-platform instant messenger application for Smart-Phones (iPhone, iPod Touch & Android).

It features detailed message receipts (sent, delivered, & read), group chat, multimedia support, distribution lists, user message blocking and an innovative poking feature that will have you hooked from the moment you use it. * NO OTHER MESSAGING APP HAS THIS INNOVATIVE FUNCTIONALITY. *

Avoid traditional SMS / MMS fees with iGotChat. iGotChat routes messages through your existing data plan and thus avoids text messaging fees. The application uses push notifications to instantly alert you of incoming messages. Both Sender and Receiver must have app installed.

Key Features of iGotChat:

FAST DELIVERY: Blazingly fast message delivery. Also supports C2D (cloud to device) push notifications on Android 2.2+

MESSAGE RECEIPTS: Get detailed receipts for each message, even by user. Sent, Delivered & Read.

GROUP CHAT: Integrated Group messaging is built right in! Chat with multiple friends at the same time.

SAFE & SECURE: All messages are transported encrypted, meaning that your conversations are kept private.

NO HIDDEN COSTS: Once you and your friends download the application you can chat and message as much as you want. iGotChat uses your existing data plan to route messages: 3G/Edge or WIFI.

NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: Send messages to all your international friends using iGotChat at no additional charge.

DISTRIBUTION GROUPS: Setup distribution groups just like email, only better. Makes sending a message to a group a people a snap!

POKE YOUR FRIENDS: Enhance your messages with cool icons. Try it once and your will be hooked!

FRIEND SEARCH: Innovative searching feature lets you quickly locate friends already using iGotChat.

NO LOG IN/OUT: Quick one time setup is all that is required and then you will always be connected. No need to log in/out each time.

OFFLINE MESSAGING: Never miss a message, all messages are stored offline until retrieved.

CROSS PLATFORM SUPPORT: Works across all iPhone, iPod Touch (w/ WIFI) & Android devices.

MULTIMEDIA SUPPORT: Send your favorite pictures to your friends.

LOCATION SHARING: Share your location with your friends.

CONTACT SHARING: Share contacts from your address book.

USER CUSTOMIZATION: Many customization options.

MESSAGE BLOCKING: Got an annoying stalker? No problem. Message blocking feature allows you to block incoming messages from specified users.


So invite all your friends to download iGotChat and start chatting!
iGotChat - Do you?

Visit http:/// for more information, FAQs and Support.

Chat, Group, Poke, Text, IM, Messaging, Group Chat

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Google Play Comments

It's greatIt's grate and all but mine keeps saying that the network was dropped or the message is stored and sent later sometimes it freezes up but once it's actually working it's great my wife and I love it I'm in Korea and she is state side so it's a great messaging app just wish it would work better with the galaxy note
Great!!Of course it would be better if you didn't need an account, but, taking that aside, this is perfect! There may be some need to fine tuning with the signing up and adding people to make it more user friendly. Other than that, this is great for use with international or simple national sms/texting.
Needs UpkeepThis was a great app at one time, but Cantcha doesn't seem to be keeping up with it. No updates and lots of problems lately.

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