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Nov 05, 2012
2.1 and up
Avg. score: 4.6
Rating: 3193

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iDestroy FREE wicked sick guns


iDestroy FREE wicked sick guns Description

★ #1 Top Destruction Stress Relief Game: 40+ weapons! 100s of bugs on screen! ★

★ #1 Top Destruction and Stress Relief Game: 40+ weapons! 13 different victims! Hundreds of bugs on screen! ★ Insane amounts of blood! ★ Destroy your screen and photos! ★ WARNING! Horrible content!
iDestroy lets you break, kill and make stuff explode on your device! Get rid of your stress now, you know you deserve it!

Shake your device to make the bugs tumble left and right, then let them fall into the gigantic Dual Buzzsaws!
Build traps with gasoline, mines, Gun Towers, baits, Laser Fences - there are no limits to your creativity!
iDestroy is an epic ant smashing game that relieves stress in no time with its endless gameplay.
Kill time by killing bugs with more than 40+ epic weapons for you!
Blast Zombies with bombs and torture bugs with awesome war machines!
Freeze your pocket bugs and then demolish them with Laser Towers, Buzz-saws, Airstrikes and Energy Shockwaves.
Load & Destroy photos of your friends’ faces!
Reload your shotguns, Lay deadly Minefields to kill Flies, Worms, Ladybugs, Spiders & see insane blood & gore effects!
Destroy your screen Gag: Shoot holes in your phone and fool others to think it’s broken!
Hunt down Earwigs and show them who is Boss by tapping them to death!
In iDestroy you are the ultimate bug killer: Tapping, Smashing, Burning, Freezing and shooting the bloody bugs.
Demolish insects in your pocket with crazy and insane weapons of destruction!

What iDestroy Players say:
“Very good game, highly addictive to me and others across the globe too! I recommend this game to any random guy who is totally bored. And for others too!” - Joel
“Great game, bloody gory fun! Hard to get bored with all the options.” - Cory
“Really fun and horrible at the same time. love it.” - Ethan
“I started playing at 3:00 and when i looked up it was 5:44! So addicting! Definitely get this app.” - Dawson

★★★ More than 40 Weapons and 13 types of victims to choose from ★★★

- Machine Gun
- Shotgun
- Stones
- Grenades
- Shrink Ray
- Flamethrower
- Double Buzzsaws
- Quad-Buzzsaws
- Freeze Ray
- High-Explosive Mines
- Nuclear Bombs
- Freeze Ray
- Insect Spray
- Mine
- Rotary Saw
- Double Rotary Saw
- Lighter
- Airgun
- Hammer
- Glass Hammer
- Nuclear Bomb
- Flamethrower
- Grenade
- Laser
- Laser grenade
- Missiles
- Dynamite
- Fire Grenade
- Explosion Bait
- Lightning Storm
- Cannonballs
- Jumping Bomb
- Gasoline
- Anvil Rain
- Plastic Explosive
- Nailgun
- Minefield Drop
- Snow Storm
- Shock Wave
- Homing Missile
- Rocket Hailstorm
- Minigun
- Minigun Tower
- Flamethrower Tower
- Tesla Tower *BZZZT*
- Poisoned Apple

★★★ VICTIMS ★★★

- Mosquitos
- Flies
- Wasps - including their nests!
- Cockroaches
- Sowbugs
- Ticks
- Worms
- Spiders - including their nests!
- Ants - including an ant hill!
- Black Widows
- Waterbugs
- Ladybugs
- Black Bugs

Tip: How to destroy your own Homescreen:
1. Go to your device’s homescreen
2. Make a screenshot (it’s different for every device, google if you don’t know how)
4. Now start a new game in iDestroy
5. Scroll down all the way on the weapon selection bar on the right side of the screen, and tap the next-to-last blue icon to load your photos!
6. Start the destruction!!!

We would like to thank all the fans of iDestroy!
Your good reviews and ratings keep us motivated to keep updating iDestroy!

★★★ Free Destruction Points★★★
Receive unlimited amounts of DP - press the FREE DP Button in the shop menu’s upper right corner.
Also: Receive DP for sharing your iDestroy friend code with other people who own the game: Press Pause Button, then “Shop”, then “Bonus DP” on the bottom of the screen.

The game is totally free, free of cost, gratis! If you like guns, tanks, ammo, war, warfare or destruction with blood and gore, this is the game for you!

So download & get rid of your stress, NOW!
★★★★★★ PLAY IDESTROY ★★★★★★

Make your friends enter your Code, and you'll both get FREE DP!

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Google Play Comments

Awsome but sum suggestions?Awsome game very amusing .... Just a few things id like to add..... Maybe try having the point system a lil smaller to get upgrades ..... And more guns maybe a boot or foot to squish them perhaps ..... Hope this comment helps u out
Missing thingsThe game is awesome but you should make it easier to collect coins and maybe make some challenges like "get 100 kills with the shotgun" reward 100 dp it would make the game alot better
ilove this gameThis game is off the hook yo!

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