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Aug 14, 2012
2.0 and up
Avg. score: 2.9
Rating: 14

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Idea Tree


Idea Tree Description

Unique interface. Arrange your ideas into a hierarchy of notes


Idea Tree's unique interface helps you arrange your ideas into a hierarchy of notes.

Use the level slider to quickly drill down into details or jump back up to your headings.

Organize and outline everything in your busy life with ease, set a password to keep your thoughts to yourself, or share your plans by exporting or e-mailing in text, HTML, or CSV format.

Idea Tree automatically keeps old versions, so you can restore previous notes if you change your mind, or just compare your current ideas with old ones.

Comprehensive help files include a do-it-yourself walk through, and six different examples show a few of the many way you'll use Idea Tree to combine creativity with organization.

Add phone numbers, e-mail addresses, web sites, and SMS messages to each item. Change each item's status to "complete," keeping track of your progress with business projects or to-do lists. Move items up and down the list, along with their dependent tasks, or "children". Change the indentation from left to right to arrange your ideas into categories.

Don't forget those creative ideas; jot them down in an Idea Tree, and you'll be taking care of business--and the fun stuff--every day.

Idea Tree's unique interface makes it easy for you to arrange your ideas into a hierarchy of notes.

Other features include:

1. You can set each item to be complete or not, to help you track your progress on project plans or to-do lists.

2. You can choose different viewing options for portrait or landscape, to make the most of your screen space.

3. You can move items up and down the list. Items are moved with their children, so you can reorganise your project if you change your mind.

4. You can change the indentation from left to right, making some items children of other items. This helps you to arrange your ideas into categories.

5. You can export to the "CSV" or "HTML" or "TXT" formats, so you can easily load it into a spreadsheet or another computer application.

6. In the full version you can search through a project to find a word that might be buried deep in a category.


Import CSV from email or file browser. Work on your Idea Tree using Excel or Google docs and re-import.

Choose whether to export only unfinished items, just completed items or both.


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Google Play Comments

ConfusingI find it really confusing. I've no idea how to use this properly, which is a shame cos it's a nice concept.
Absolute RubbishI always buy the Pro version to support the developers. Some features you claim are non existent. Password feature is very primitive. Two emails with no response after a week is very disappointing. You sir are a DISGRACE.
Jeanne Wynne
Force closesI have the full version and it constantly force closes. Today it wont work at all. Didn't have this problem with the free version. Please fix!

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