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May 20, 2013
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!D ScanNR is an identification and driver’s license age verifier. It scans the barcode from your phone’s camera. All United States IDs and Drivers License use pdf 417 barcodes. !D ScanNR is designed to read all the 2D PDF 417 Barcodes.!D ScanNR was created for the use of business which have controlled goods ( Tobacco and Alcohol) to use this application as a form of verifying age. This application could be used for Local Stores or Convenience stores to use as an age verifier prior to the purchase of tobacco.
1. Bars/Taverns/Nightclubs/Pubs/Strip Clubs/Lounges
2. Liquor Stores
3. Local/Convenience Stores
4. Restaurants
5. Security Guards/Security Officer/ Bouncers
6. Law Enforcement/ Police Officers/ Public Safety Officers
* In the state of Texas it is illegal to store data scanned from an ID or drivers license.LIST OF KEY FEATURES:
1. Reads Government Issued Identification and Driver’s License
2. Reads Military IDs
3. Reliable Age and Expiration Verifier
4. No Internet Connection Required
5. Collect Customer info such as name, address, email, phone number, email, and social media.
6. Creates log with time and date of scan
7. Create customer profile in contacts
8. Group Management (VIP, No Re-entry, Big Spender, etc)
9. Instantly display statistics
10.Email and text message marketing
******ID ScanneR can protect you, your job, and/or your business by verifying age of clients and taking all precautionary measures as to checking ID's and DL's before committing a crime.DON'T BUY $500+ ID SCANNERS THAT ARE OUTDATED INSTEAD SAVE YOUR MONEY AND BUY ID SCANNER FOR 7.99 AND HAVE ALL THE AMENITIES OF AN ID SCANNER/ AGE VERIFIER ON YOUR PHONE!Just scan an ID and you will see Name, DOB, Address, ID Expiration Date, ID Issue Date, Age, and Assigned Group. Information from IDs will be saved on your phone, which you can later send to any program that uses Comma Delimited Format (CSV or Comma-Separated file.) Detained Data will allow for accurate customer analysis. This gives the ability to create a mailing list for Direct Mail Marketing as well.VIDEO TUTORIAL HERE!
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