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Aug 10, 2012
1.6 and up
Avg. score: 4.4
Rating: 68

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Icon App 1 ADW/OH/DVR/CP


Icon App 1 ADW/OH/DVR/CP Description

You must have either ADW Launcher, Adw Launcher EX, Circle Launcher Pro, Open Home, or Desktop Visualizer installed to be able to use these icons. These are only icons for custom shortcuts and the will not replace your launcher icons in your app draw. There are 500 icons in this app and all icons are in high resolution without cheap variations. All icons are 128 x 128 pixels so if your using Circle Launcher Pro they will look great at 2 x 1.
We hope you enjoy and don't forget to check out our dock packs for ADW Launcher EX, other icon apps for ADW Launcher, and icon apps for Go Launcher Ex. You can find them under view more applications at the bottom. Also don't forget to like us on Facebook to find out about updates and new releases.To use the icons with ADW Launcher:
1. Long press an apps icon
2. Select edit from selection bar
3. Press the icon picture in upper left corner
4. Press ADWTheme IconPacks
5. Press ADW Icon App 1To use the icon with Desktop Visualizer:
1. Press select icon
2. Press Image File
3. Press ADW Icon App 1
4. Scroll and select your iconTo use icons with Circle Launcher Pro:
1. Long press Circle Launcher widget
2. Select Launcher Icon
3. Press Select downloaded icons
4. Select ADW Icon App 1To use the icons with Open Home:
1. Long press an apps icon
2. Select edit from selection bar
3. Press the icon picture in upper left corner
4. Press Theme Icon Packs
5. Press ADW Icon App 1AI Development holds various license for artwork that is not created internally as such all assets in this app are for personal use within this app only and in the apps intend manner. All rights remain with AI Development and original artists.
tags: custom dock, dock pack, adw theme, launcherpro, icon, dockbar, docks, go launcher ex, golauncher, ADW Launcher ex, dock bar, pack, icon pack, Desktop Visualizer, circle launcher, ADW Icon App 1, ADW Launcher,

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Very good :)All the icons are great! The only reason I didn't give 5 stars is because the b&w ones outweigh the ones in color. Plus there are the ones that look like they're a folder, but the icon is too muted.
An update would make this worth itMost of the common apps don't have the cool shiny icons this app advertises. There is no market, no camera, no email or google anything, no gallery, no drop box, ect. An 8th of these icons are beautiful. I do not recommend this app if you want bright and shiny
The bestI use this pack for almost everything. It has it all. Works great on Gnote. Worth the $.

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