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Jan 20, 2012
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ICE Standard


ICE Standard Description

ICE Standard, the Emergency Standard Card App for iPhone, can help save your life.

Ambulances take patients to the ER over 16 million times each year in the US. ICE Standard helps first time responders and emergency room personnel locate a person’s updated medical information, emergency / medical contacts, medical insurance information, blood type, name, address and a photo verification of the individual. This application has been developed by the About the Kids foundation, a nonprofit organization, with input from EMTs, police officers, firefighters and emergency room personnel.

One of the unique features of ICE Standard and the Emergency Standard Card is color coding that reflects your medical information. This helps first responders quickly determine the severity of potential issues with the patient, based on their medical history. Red indicates the individual has severe allergies, medical devices, health conditions, or is on medications. Yellow indicates the individual is taking medications. Green indicates the user is 'good to go', with no health complications.

The phone is regarded as a backup location for your emergency medical information, as in an accident your phone may be damaged, overlooked or out of power. A physical emergency card is the best way to provide health information for emergency personnel. The six standard places for emergency personnel to look are:

1 - Automobile – Glove Compartment
2 - Pedestrians – Wallet or Purse
3 - Bicyclists / Motorcycles – Under the Seat
4 - Home – Refrigerator Dairy or Butter Dish
5 - Sports Athletes – Coach’s Possession
6 - Work Place – Emergency Response Team Member.

Official Emergency Standard Cards can be ordered from

Dedicated to Emily Rose Ekman.

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Google Play Comments

Nice idea - Could use some improvementsI like the idea. It would be nice if there was a pull down for common allergies, conditions & medications- it would make data entry easier and reading by medical personnel quicker because of standardization. Also, I'm not sure how responders will see info - on my phone (galaxy nexus pics 4.04) with phone screen locked the info is not seen.
BadazzdragonThis app is so helpful if something was to ever happen they could get very important information about ur medical history n medications if any. I like it. _ l
GoodIt would work better if the contact info. could span two lines when needed so I can put both their name and relation to me without it overlapping the phone number, making neither readable. Also, the conditions and devices should be in a bulleted list instead of separated only by commas, plus conditions and devices should be two separate lists. There should also be a designated area for hospital name and patient ID number (like the area for insurance) so they know which hospital to bring you to.

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