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Mar 08, 2011
1.5 and up
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Hunter Calendar


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Improve your hunting skill with this solunar tables generator.
Best times for hunting in your location all around the world.★ Month/Day view for best moon phase days and best hours for hunting
★ User notes and photos of your catches with map location
★ Photo sharing/ranking
★ Widget: today stateThe solunar tables provide you the best times of the day and best month days for activities concerned to wildlife like hunting.
The best times for this activity are determined monthly by the moon phase. We can find the maximum when full moon or new moon and minor activity periods among them.Hunter Calendar provide all the information about solunar tables for the best hunt experience.
In the Month View you can see the moon phases and best wildlife (deer, duck, fish, ...) activity. You can see too if any day has notes or photos attached (white/yellow points). Touching a day you enter in the Day View where you can see the best times for the selected day based on moon and sun at your location.The geolocation is done using GPS or mobile network, so is recommended enable at least one of this geolocation methods in your phone configuration. Without them we couldn't calculate the day events. If you are located far away the mobile networks then enable your GPS.Please send us by email your suggestions/issues.Keywords: solunar, hunt, hunting, hunter, caza, chasse, jagen, calendar, deer, elk.

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GPS takes forever to connectWould be nice to able to set way points and name them so you could check hunting tables at each spot before leaving in the morning.
Missed WideYour analysis said last weekend should have been prime hunting. Not so for the Texas Hill Country. Even one of the weakest weekends in 10 years.
don't want it running in the background and causes conflict with other running ...don't want it running in the background and causes conflict with other running tasks. going to try a different app

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